CityScope: April - May 2022

May is Water Safety Month  

Drownings are 100 percent preventable. The month of May is Water Safety Month and Chandler Aquatics, Fire and Police are pooling together to walk door-to-door delivering water safety information to Chandler households. The annual Water Safety Walk will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2022. The City of Chandler invites you to turn the tide on drownings in our community. To volunteer email or call 480-782-2120.  Please swim safely and follow the ABCs of water safety: Adult Supervision, Barriers, and Classes (CPR and swim lessons). 

Rain and warmer weather brings weeds 

With the changing seasons, many types of vegetation grow quickly in lawns, alleyways and empty lots throughout the City. That means Chandler residents and property owners should be ready to clean up areas they are responsible for maintaining. 

A Chandler ordinance states property owners or persons in control of any private property are responsible for maintaining their entire premises, ensuring it is free from weeds, overheight grass and uncontrolled vegetation. This includes any abutting right-of-way up to the curb or street (or the edge of the pavement where curbs are not present). Owners also are responsible for maintenance to the center of their alleys. These areas should be free of any and all weeds and grass in excess of six inches in height, and any litter, trash or debris. 

Also, keep in mind landscaping should not obstruct public rights-of-way, including streets, sidewalks, signs, fire hydrants and traffic signals. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed back to avoid these situations.  

The City has a Tool Lending Program offering basic yard tools that residents may borrow to clean up their property. To learn more, email or call 
480-782-4348. Report a code violation or obtain more information, or use Public Stuff (the City’s mobile phone app) or call or text 480-782-4320. 

Summer Youth Academy registration opens 

The Chandler Youth Academy is a one-week program for youths between the ages of 12 and 17.  This Academy provides an opportunity for participants to learn about various jobs and functions with the Police Department. Officers from the Traffic Unit, Patrol Division, Bike Unit, K-9 Unit, and Special Assignment Unit present to the students.  Participants get involved with hands-on activities, which provides them with a valuable learning experience and insight into police procedures. 

Space is limited for the upcoming sessions offered: May 31-June 3 and June 27-30. Apply online, or call 480-782-4960 for more information. 

As the weather heats up, leave bees alone 

The Chandler Fire Department advises residents to leave bees alone, and they’ll leave you alone. Bees are sensitive to noise, such as power equipment and barking dogs and may attack pets or people in the area. Generally, a swarm of bees will only stay in a location for an average of 24 hours. Take the necessary precautions to prevent disturbing them, and contact a bee keeper or exterminator if they appear to be staying longer. 

If bees have made their home in the City-owned water meter, City-owned water valve boxes or around a fire hydrant, the City will take responsibility for their removal. This is the only instance in which the City will remove bees on private property. To determine if the City should be involved, contact Water Distribution at 480-782-3706.  

Cool off in Chandler pools this summer

Chandler has six pools and aquatic centers scheduled to open in May:

Arrowhead Pool    
1475 W. Erie St.     

Folley Pool  
600 E. Fairview St.

Desert Oasis Aquatic Center
1400 W. Summit Pl.

Hamilton Aquatic Center     
3838 S. Arizona Ave.

Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center            
5901 S. Hillcrest Dr.     

Nozomi Aquatic Center
250 S. Kyrene Rd.

See the opening schedules and hours of operation, or call 480-782-2750 for more information.  

Calling all movie lovers: Enjoy movies under the stars; CinePark returns in May

It’s movie season! Enjoy the return of the popular movie series, CinePark. Pack a picnic, grab a blanket and get ready to watch free, family-friendly flicks on a giant screen on three consecutive Friday evenings in May: 6, 13 and 20. Come enjoy movie themed activities prior to the show starting at 6:30 pm, movies begin promptly at 8 p.m. 

Movie Schedule:

  • Friday, May 6 - Raya & the Last Dragon                             
  • Friday, May 13 - Luca                                                   
  • Friday, May 20 - Sing 2

Earth Day is April 22 — see what you can do to protect our environment 

Earth Day is April 22, but residents should think about protecting our environment every day. With the changing weather, many residents are taking time to clean their homes, garages, sheds and yards. The City provides many safe and convenient ways to dispose of items properly: 

1. Leftover paint, pesticides, oil, antifreeze, pool chemicals and other household chemicals should be disposed of properly. DO NOT place these items down the drain, in the street, alley or in your recycling or trash can. Residents may schedule an appointment to bring these items to the Household Hazardous Collection Center by calling 480-782-3510.  

2. If you have items that are too large to fit in a curbside or alley trash container, you may need a bulk materials pickup. Residents paying for City-provided solid waste services can call 480-782-3510 to schedule curbside bulk pick up collection. 

3. The Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center, located at 955 East Queen Creek Rd., is available to residents paying for City-provided solid waste services. The Center is open Thursday through Monday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for residential recycling and trash items, including yard waste. Disposal charges apply to some items. Please contact Solid Waste Services for details.

4. Residents need to only place items accepted in Chandler recycling in their curbside blue recycling containers. All items not accepted in the City’s recycling program are considered contamination and landfilled at a higher cost then placing it in the trash. Find out what items accepted for recycling in Chandler. If in doubt, throw it out or call Solid Waste Services for disposal options. 

5. Residents with smartphones or tablets can use the Recycle Coach (formerly My Waste) app as a way to get information and set reminders on recycling and trash collection. The search feature will tell you if the item is recyclable or how to dispose of the material. The Recycle Coach application is now available at Chandler Recycles, as well as the mobile app.


City offices will be closed Monday, May 30, 2022 for the Memorial Day holiday. Trash and recycling collection will not be affected. 


On May 17, 2022, the City Government of Chandler, Arizona Library Board will formally consider the elimination of overdue library fines. The City of Chandler recognizes that library fines create a barrier for many citizens who rely on the library for its free access to books, technology, Internet access, and other invaluable services. Equitable access for all is a pillar of library service, and in proposing the elimination of fines, the Library Administration and City of Chandler leadership strive to encourage all citizens to benefit from the many resources available at Chandler Public Library. Replacement fees for lost or damaged material remain in place.

3    Resident class registration opens, 480-782-2727
6    Non-resident class registration opens, 480-782-2727
6    CinePark, Tumbleweed Park, 480-782-2735
12  City Council meeting, Council Chambers, 480-782-2180
13    CinePark, Tumbleweed Park, 480-782-2735
14    You Look Marvelous Fashion Show, Center for the Arts, 480-782-2709
15    La Santa Cecilia, Center for the Arts, 480-782-2680 
20    CinePark, Tumbleweed Park, 480-782-2735
26    City Council meetings, Council Chambers, 480-782-2180
30    Memorial Day, City offices closed

Find complete details online, or call the 480-782-2735 for more information.

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