CityScope: December 2020 - January 2021

Happy Holidays from Mayor Kevin Hartke

Mayor Kevin Hartke

This past year elicited a strength from our community that continues to astonish me. Through the challenges we faced, neighbors and businesses came together to support one another and to ensure the prosperity of the place we all call home. I am proud of how we have persevered using innovation, re-envisioning ways to serve and protect our City.

Despite the pandemic, we welcomed new businesses and residents, saw public art pieces pop up throughout the community, announced new developments and launched initiatives to support the local economy. I look forward to the great things that are on the horizon for 2021. 

The holidays are a season of celebration and a time to give back in Chandler. This year our community’s needs are greater, and if you are able, I hope you volunteer your time or resources to local nonprofits to help make the holidays a little more special for all those who call Chandler home. 

Thank you all for your strength and for your continued faith in our City. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!  However you celebrate, I am glad that you are part of our community.

New short-term rental ordinance 

Fox Crossing Neighborhood

Starting Nov. 16, owners of short-term rental properties that are located within the City of Chandler must register these properties with the City as part of Chandler’s new ordinance (City Code Chapter 22, Short-Term Rental Registration). This ordinance implements an Arizona state law that was passed in 2019 that requires property owners to provide general and contact information for each short-term rental owned. Owners may download the rental registration form online at Completed forms must be submitted prior 
to Jan. 1, 2021, and returned via email to There is no charge for this registration.

This newly adopted ordinance allows short-term rental property owners to provide either their contact information or identify a designee who can respond to complaints in a timely manner from either Chandler Police or Neighborhood Code Inspectors. Property owners will automatically receive a short-term rental registration certificate for their records in 2021, and a request to update their information each year thereafter at no cost.

For more information, call 480-782-2299.

Celebrate diversity at virtual Multicultural Festival

Mark your calendar for the 26th Annual Chandler Multicultural Festival coming to you virtually on Saturday, Jan. 16. Usually this event brings our community together to experience different cultures through live performances, music, dance and food. With the pandemic and flu season still upon us, event organizers have come together to bring this festival to life virtually.

Get ready to dance like no one is watching (except for your household) and join us for performances including African drumming, ballet folklorico, Irish entertainment and more. The festival will also feature an act by Fushicho Daiko, Arizona’s premier and longest running professional performing taiko group. 

In addition to performances, we will take you into the kitchen and show you how to make different foods and crafts including Challah bread, Pho and more.

In addition, the Chandler International Film Festival is scheduled for Jan. 21–24, 2021. This year film viewing will be available three different ways: online, at Harkins Theatre at Chandler Fashion Center (with reduced capacity) and a drive-in location at Chandler High School. 

What to do with your Christmas tree

Looking for a way to dispose of your Christmas tree? Chandler offers several methods for tree recycling. Trees that are collected are chipped and reused in park landscaping projects. For safety, please remove tree stands, nails, lights, ornaments and garland before recycling, and do not place trees in bags.

  • Drop-off boxes are available at multiple locations from Dec. 26, 2020 through Jan. 15, 2021. Call 480-782-3510 for locations.   
  • Trees also will be collected separately at the curb on your recycling collection day, from Dec. 26, 2020 through Jan. 15, 2021. You do not have to schedule collection, but trees must be at the edge of your driveway (no more than four feet onto your property) by 6 a.m. on your recycling day. Do not place the tree in the recycling bin, on the sidewalk or street. 
  • Live potted trees can be donated for replanting at City parks by dropping them off at the Community Center or call 480-782-2745 to schedule a pick up.

Be the solution to stormwater pollution

Stormwater runoff is a leading cause of pollution to surface waters in the United States. Stormwater runoff occurs when precipitation from rainfall flows over the ground.  The flows can pick up dirt, litter, automotive fluids, pet waste, household chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, yard waste and other pollutants as it flows over paved surfaces and yards. Paved surfaces like driveways, sidewalks and streets direct stormwater runoff into the street and gutter and eventually into a storm drain structure, where it discharges, untreated, into the nearest landscaped retention basin, park, greenbelt or community lake within your neighborhood. Please follow these tips to prevent debris and pollutants from entering the storm drains:

  • Sweep yard debris and properly dispose of in the trash, rather than blowing or hosing into the street.
  • Contain swimming pool or spa water on private property or dispose of it in the sanitary sewer cleanout associated with your home. For more information call 480-782-3507.  
  • Use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly and as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Pick up after your pet and properly dispose of the waste in the trash.
  • Wash vehicles at a commercial car wash. 
  • Always use a nozzle on your garden hose around the home. Do not let the water flow into the street.
  • Maintain vehicles to be free of leaks and do not park leaking vehicles on the street.
  • Do not overwater your lawn.
  • Take household hazardous waste products, such as cleaning products, automotive fluids, paint, pesticides, herbicides and pool chemicals, to the City’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility for recycling and proper disposal. An appointment is required. Please contact Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510. 

Report illegal dumping into streets and storm drains by calling 480-782-3503. 


City continues response to COVID-19

As our community continues to face the challenges and recovery from COVID-19, the health and safety of our residents and employees is of upmost importance. Find the most up-to-date and accurate information, by visiting

City offices will be closed:

Friday, Dec. 25, 2020, for the Christmas holiday
Friday, Jan. 1, 2021, for New Year’s Day
Monday, Jan. 18, 2021, for Martin Luther King, Jr./Civil Rights Day

There is no trash or recycling collection on Christmas or New Year’s Day. Collections roll over one day after the holidays from Friday to Saturday, Dec. 26 and Saturday, Jan. 2.

Have your can at the curb by 6 a.m. or after 6 p.m. the evening before collection. 

On the Martin Luther King Jr./Civil Rights holiday, recycling and trash is collected with no changes to your schedule. 

The Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center is:
OPEN: Thursday through Monday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
CLOSED: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & City-observed holidays.

1     City offices closed for New Year’s Day holiday

4, 12, 20 Spice of Life Senior Variety Show Auditions, 480-782-2730

8    Youth & Teen Talent Show, Chandler Center for the Arts, 480-782-2730

15, 16     Fortnite eSports Tournament -  registration required 

14, 25    City Council meetings, Council Chambers, 480-782-2180

16    Virtual Multicultural Festival

18    City offices closed for Martin Luther King Jr./Civil Rights holiday

21-24    International Film Festival 

@Chandler Museum
 300 S. Chandler Village Drive

 Aug. 25, 2020 - Aug. 29, 2021
 Bigger Than Boxing: Zora Folley and the 1967 Heavyweight Title

 Dec. 1, 2020 - Jan. 3, 2021
 Questers’ Women’s Suffrage Exhibit

 Dec. 5, 2020 - Jan. 10, 2021
 Tumbleweed Tree: A Very Chandler Christmas

 @Vision Gallery
 10 East Chicago St.

 Jan. 9 - Feb. 20, 2021
 Out of Character: Artwork by Jerome Fleming and Andre McCline

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