CityScope: June - July 2022

Chandler 4th of July Celebration

Chandler is celebrating Independence Day with a hometown celebration in Downtown Chandler at the Dr. A.J. Chandler Park Stage Plaza from 7-9:30 p.m. on Monday, July 4. 

Due to a national firework shortage, there won’t be a firework show, but there will still be plenty of fun, with live music and yard games to play.

For up-to-date event details follow the City’s social media channels or call the Special Events Hotline at 480-782-2735.

Holiday safety reminders

Please celebrate safely:

  • Try to keep pets indoors, or otherwise secured. The unexpected bang of a firework can startle pets and result in uncharacteristic reactions. 
  • Fires, potentially serious burns, or hand and eye injuries can result from the use of fireworks, especially when young children are involved. 
  • The sale of permissible consumer fireworks is allowed from May 20 through July 6. 
  • The use of permissible consumer fireworks is allowed on private property, with the permission of the property owner, from June 24 through July 6. 
  • Chandler prohibits the use of permissible consumer fireworks in any public park.
  • Visit Chandler Fire for the latest information on Chandler’s fireworks restrictions.       

Utility rate changes to take effect July 1, 2022

The City of Chandler manages and operates water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and solid waste utilities. In early 2022 the City evaluated the results of a Cost of Service Study and determined a need for utility rate increases to fund rising ongoing operating costs as well as debt service costs associated with capital improvements. 

After several public meetings and public outreach, the new rates were approved by the Chandler City Council and will go into effect on July 1, 2022. 

The increased rates are essential to ensure that the City has the needed funds to cover the costs of providing water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and solid waste services, and ensure that the rates are fair and equitable among each customer classification.

On average, a typical residential homeowner can anticipate an overall increase of roughly $1.39 per month or $16.68 per year. 
In a comparison to seven other valley cities, even after incorporating in the rate increases, Chandler provides the lowest cost for its utility services. Listed below is a comparison on what residents will pay, on average, each month for water, wastewater, reclaimed water, solid waste and recycling services in each of the following cities:

Chandler:     $75.89        
Gilbert:         $87.37      
Peoria:          $98.05        
Scottsdale:   $107.10        
Tempe:         $120.40
Glendale:      $136.11
Phoenix:       $148.00
Mesa:            $152.08

In addition to utility rate changes, there will also be changes to some of the fees and/or policies for the Recycling Solid Waste Collection Center (RSWCC), bulk collection and for solid waste customers who receive alley collection service instead of curbside service. 

The changes are as follows: 

  • Bulk collection will be allowed two times for free per calendar year. A fee of $30 will be charged for additional bulk collections. Current usage patterns show 98% of households will not see an impact from this change.
  • All residents will be allowed two free visits to the Recycling Solid Waste Collection Center (RSWCC) per calendar year for loads up to 400 lbs., with any additional weight being charged in 20 lb. increments. Additional visits (up to 400 lbs.) will be charged a fee of $10, with any weight over 400 lbs. being charged for the full weight at $50 per ton charged in 20 lb. increments. Current usage patterns show 95% of households will not see an impact from this change.
  • Alley customers will pay an additional $1.61 per month.

For more questions or concerns, call 480-782-2280, or email

Chandler’s A-OK program lets residents help others in need through a convenient donation

Hands in the shape of a heart

Inside your Chandler utility bill, you will find a convenient way to help people in need in the community.

The Chandler Acts of Kindness donation program, or A-OK for short, was developed in July 2000, to give residents an opportunity to make a voluntary donation to assist individuals and families within the City of Chandler that are in need. 

The contributions collected go back into the community through a grant process to support a variety of human service programs that provide basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medical services, transportation, and utility bill assistance to low-income Chandler residents.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, the Acts of Kindness program continues to be a success. Every cent collected is put right back into the community to help individuals and families in need. We appreciate you helping to make the lives of your neighbors a little better.

For more information, including how to make an A-OK donation, call 480-782-2280.   

When in drought, Conserve Like You Mean It

Xeriscape landscaping

The U.S. Department of the Interior recently announced rapidly changing conditions at both Lake Powell and Lake Mead, the two largest reservoirs on the Colorado River. Arizona’s top water officials have also warned of worsening conditions on the Colorado River and the likelihood of additional shortages in Arizona. These announcements serve as a reminder to us all that we must continue to use water wisely and take additional steps to conserve. Due to Arizona’s priority system and the Drought Contingency Plan, the City of Chandler’s municipal water supplies will not be reduced next year. Chandler has enough water to meet the needs of our community and yet it is still important to conserve like you mean it!

The City of Chandler has been preparing for drought and Colorado River shortages for decades and has made smart water management decisions to build a resilient and reliable water supply. The City has proactively invested in its infrastructure, water rights, underground storage, water reuse and conservation programs. With a diverse water supply portfolio, the City is well prepared for deeper levels of shortage.

Chandler has been educating our community about water conservation since 1990. Our goal continues to be reduced water use through conservation and education. Did you know the average Chandler home uses 15% less water today when compared to 20 years ago?

Did you know that approximately 70% of residential water use happens outdoors? 

Xeriscape landscaping and smart irrigation controllers are powerful tools to help reduce outdoor water use, saving thousands of gallons per year.

For more information, call 480-782-3580 or email Chandler Water Conservation.

Ways to Conserve

  • Find and fix your leaks. Contact us to schedule a free water audit today.
  • Install a smart irrigation controller and save up to $250.
  • Remove your grass and convert to xeriscape landscaping. Apply for a turf removal rebate and save up to $3,000
  • Learn about the optimal water for your home with our online water calculator.
  • Visit Chandler Water Conservation to learn more.


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