CityScope: May - June 2022

Operation Back to School

Once again, the City of Chandler and For Our City-Chandler are joining forces to organize Operation Back to School Chandler, the largest school supply drive in the East Valley, benefiting Chandler families in need. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, July 16.

Last year, more than 3,000 backpacks filled with school supplies were available to be distributed via drive-thru. Request for 
assistance is greater than ever and there are multiple ways to contribute:

Monetary: Cash or checks are accepted; email Donations also are accepted online, along with event sponsorship opportunities. 

In-kind: Drop-off school supplies from a wish list or consider conducting a drive at your workplace. To set up a supply, shoe, or sock drive, email The last day for in-kind donations is June 13, 2022.

Virtual supply drive: Stuff a backpack from the safety of your own home using our virtual supply drive software and pay with a credit card. For more information, to make a donation online, or to virtually shop at our supply drive.  

We need your input for the Stormwater Management Master Plan Study


Stormwater drain

What is stormwater? It is runoff and surface flows generated from rainfall events.

To manage stormwater issues, the City of Chandler and the Flood Control District of Maricopa County entered into a partnership agreement in 2021 to evaluate existing conditions and identify deficiencies and areas of flooding within the City. This project is called the City of Chandler Stormwater Management Master Plan Study.

This plan is updated on a regular and consistent basis to keep pace with development. City staff and the consultant for this project, Entellus, are seeking input from Chandler residents this summer to make sure that problem areas in their neighborhoods are identified and considered in the modeling. For example, if after a heavy rain you consistently see an area of your street that is flooded and doesn’t drain right away, we need to know about it so it can be included in the assessment and modeling for the new master plan.

Residents are invited to participate by reporting stormwater issues on a brief survey. The survey will be open from May 15-September 30 to make sure that data from monsoon season is collected.

Once completed, the study will allow for infrastructure requirements to be constructed at the proper time and location and ensures improvements are cost-effective and prioritized. The scope of work includes data collections, field work, storm drain assessment, cost estimates and other elements.

Summer Reading Challenge 2022

The 2022 Chandler Public Library Summer Reading Challenge: Oceans of Possibilities runs from June 1 – Aug. 1. Registration begins May 1. Sign-up online or visit one of the four libraries. 

    · For all ages!
    · Read 20 minutes a day to earn points
    · Collect secret codes for points by participating in free library events and in special challenges
    · Earn prizes at 250, 500 and 750 points. Finishers at 1000 points receive a FREE book, raffle entry and more.

The Summer Reading Challenge is one of the City’s major contributions to community literacy efforts. The goal is to help kids and teens maintain their literacy skills during the summer while challenging them with experiences that create excitement around reading. Adults can join in the fun as well! 

For more information about the Challenge, summer library events, and registration, call 480-782-2800.

Short-Term Rental (Vacation Rental) businesses in Chandler need to be registered

Vacation rentals have become a popular alternative for visitors to Chandler. Did you know, owners of a short-term rental business are required to obtain a registration with the City of Chandler? 

As part of Chandler’s ordinance (City Code Chapter 22, Short-Term Rental Registration) owners should register online. The ordinance is designed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents of and visitors to the City of Chandler. 

There is no charge for the registration. General and contact information needs to be provided for each short-term rental owned. 

For more information, call 480-782-2299.

Tips from Maricopa County to reduce mosquito risks

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. The best thing to do is protect yourself and your family from getting bit by mosquitoes and to eliminate breeding sites. Here are a few tips from Maricopa County:

  • When possible, stay inside between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are active.
  • Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs.
  • Use insect repellent on exposed skin and clothes. Always follow label instructions.
  • Fix broken screens in windows and doors.
  • Eliminate places where mosquitoes can lay eggs. Empty standing water from buckets, flower pots, old tires, wheelbarrows, etc. 
  • Empty and refresh water in pet dishes and bird baths every two days.
  • More tips and information are available from Maricopa County Vector Control. 

For more information, to report green pools or dead birds, or to file any mosquito-related complaint, call the Maricopa County West Nile Virus and Mosquito Surveillance Hotline at 602-506-0700, or visit and search for Vector Control. 

“Recycle Right” in Chandler

Only items listed below are recyclable in Chandler at this time. Any other items in your recycle container are considered contamination, which is sent to a landfill, at an additional cost to the City. Do not bag recyclables. Place your bin at the curb by 6 a.m. on the day of collection.

  • Paper - Office and writing paper, mail, newspapers, and magazines
  • Boxes - Boxes (empty and flat) and paper rolls from paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
  • Plastic- Plastic bottles and jugs (empty and rinsed)
  • Metal - Aluminum and steel/tin cans (empty and rinsed)
  • Glass - Food and beverage bottles and jars (empty and rinsed)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about recycling in Chandler:

What about yogurt cups, sour cream type tubs,  plastic trays or berry containers?  No, these items are no longer accepted in the recycling program due to market conditions. Plastic bottles and jugs are the only plastic items accepted for recycling. 

Can I recycle an item if it has a recycling symbol? Do not rely on the recycle symbol to determine if an item can be 
recycled. The symbols do not determine if the item is accepted in Chandler’s recycling program. For example plastic bags, plastic wrap and Styrofoam all are marked with a recycle symbol, but are not accepted in Chandler’s recycling program. They are accepted for recycling at specialty bins at local grocery stores. If you are not sure: call 480-782-3510; check the Recycle Coach app; and if in doubt, leave it out.  

Can I still recycle bagged shredded paper? No. Shredded paper should be secured in a plastic bag and placed in the trash container.

Should I recycle caps or lids? Only recycle lids and caps that are securely attached to plastic bottles and jugs. Lids from glass bottles and jars should be thrown in the trash. 

Do I need to remove labels from items? Labels do not need to be removed from plastic or glass containers before recycling. 

How clean do the recyclables need to be before placing in the curbside container? Recyclables should be clean, dry and empty. Rinse or wipe food particles from container before recycling. No need for the items to be spotless. 

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