Electronic Accounts Receivable Statements

Electronic Accounts Receivable Statements

We're Going Green

In response to your requests, and a desire to help protect the environment, we are now offering you a safe, easy and convenient method to receive your monthly City of Chandler accounts receivable customer account statement in a "paperless" fashion! If you are a City of Chandler Airport customer or Retiree paying for continuing insurance coverage, this option is for you! In just a few clicks you can complete the simple form below and begin receiving your statements via e-mail. We thank you for your interest in helping us "Go Green".

**We are currently working toward offering this option to all customers and once this option becomes available, we will notify you.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section, call 480-782-2325 or e-mail: receivables@chandleraz.gov.

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