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Welcome to Health Connect, Mayor Tibshraeny's initiative for a healthier Chandler. Health Connect is a three-pronged approach to promote overall Financial, Physical and Mental health and well-being in the community. We invite you to explore available resources like access to a prescription drug savings card, ideas on where to stay physically active in our community and stress management information.





"Financial Health" comes in the form of a new prescription drug card we are offering to residents. It can save a person who may not have health insurance as much as an average of 60 percent off regular prescription rates.

Chandler residents have saved $655,000 since August 2012, thanks to the prescription drug savings card offered through Mayor Jay Tibshraeny's Health Connect program. Mayor Tibshraeny launched Health Connect four year ago through a partnership with Coast2Coast Rx, which allows all Chandler residents, regardless of income, age, or health status to participate in the program and save on the cost of their medications. To date, nearly 2,000 residents have used the program, filling thousands of prescriptions.

  • Disponible en español
  • Free Prescription drug cards available Citywide through a new partnership with Coast2Coast RX
  • Resident/Cardholder contact information:
    - Website:
    - Telephone Number: 1-800-931-8872

Participants save 60 percent on average retail order. Anyone can use the card; there is no application process. Virtually, all pharmacies will accept the card. Download a free card.

Prescription Drug Card Distribution Locations:

  • City Hall, 175 S. Arizona Ave. (Lobby City Clerk & Utility Billing)
  • City Public Housing Office, 235 S. Arizona Ave.
  • City Libraries

Downtown Branch, 22 S. Delaware St.

Sunset Branch, 4930 W. Ray Road

Basha Branch, 5990 S. Val Vista Drive

Hamilton, 3700 S. Arizona Ave. 



Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the prescription cards:
Print a copy of the card!

What is the name of this discount prescription card?
The name of the card is the Coast2Coast Rx Card.

Do I have to register the card before using it?
No. Cardholders simply take the card to a participating pharmacy.

How many pharmacies are in the network?
There are more than 59,000 pharmacies in the network, and includes all major pharmacy chains and many independents in all 50 states.

How does a cardholder determine which pharmacies participate in the network?
There is a list of participating pharmacies at:  Virtually every major chain and many independents are in the network, so locating a pharmacy is simple.

Does a cardholder need more than one card for his or her family?
No. A cardholder can use one card for his or her entire family but it might be prudent for each spouse to have a card; you can print one or more free cards by going to the website at:
Is the discount prescription card insurance?
No. The Coast2Coast Rx Card is not insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance. A cardholder that is covered by health insurance will probably receive the greatest benefit by using his or her health insurance prescription card, but it does pay to compare cards.
Can a health insurance prescription card be used at the same time with the Coast2Coast Rx Card?
No. Only one card can be used when filling a prescription. However, if a prescription is not covered under a particular plan, then someone may go to a participating network pharmacy and use the card to obtain a discount.
Are some drugs covered under the Coast2Coast Rx Card that other prescription plans do not cover?
Yes, occasionally. In the event that a health insurance prescription plan does not provide a discount for a particular drug, it is likely that our card will provide a discount for that drug, as more than 60,000 formularies are included in our discount prescription card.
How much does a cardholder save using the Coast2Coast Rx Card?
A cardholder can save up to 75 percent on an individual prescription. Generic brands offer a higher discount than name brands.
Are there limits on usage?
No. A cardholder and his or her family may use the card as often as needed. Family members include all dependents, including grandchildren.
Is there an expiration date for the card?
No. There is no termination date for the card.
Does everyone qualify to use the card?
Yes. There are no restrictions, and anyone over the age of 18 may use the card. This does not prevent a parent or guardian from obtaining discounts on prescriptions for their dependents who are under the age of 18 years.
If I have a health insurance plan with a prescription card, can I use your card if the prescription is cheaper using your card?
Yes, however, unless the cardholder has not yet reached his or her annual insurance deductible, it is most likely that he or she will want to use the insurance benefits. If the cardholder does use our card instead of his or her prescription card, then the cardholder will most likely need to send a copy of the receipt to the insurance company to ensure that the amount paid is applied to the annual deductible. If the cardholder registers our card with his or her pharmacy, and it is the same pharmacy that his or her health prescription plan is registered – the cardholder will have to indicate which plan is being used for future prescription purchases.
What if the cardholder has a high deductible health insurance plan?
The cardholder may use our card to save on prescriptions until he or she reaches the deductible amount. The cardholder may need to submit receipts to the insurance company.
What if the cardholder is a Medicare Part D participant?
Medicare Part D participants are usually age 65 and over. There is a hole in participant coverage that is called the “donut hole,” and Medicare participants can pay  up to $1,200 per year out of pocket. Our card can help participants in the “donut” phase save on their prescriptions if they don't have supplemental coverage.


Mental and Emotional wellness is vital to our overall health and wellness. The World Health Organization defines mental health as: "A state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community."

Resources that can help:



A strong focus on fitness and the provision of a vast network of recreational amenities throughout the community recently earned Mayor Jay Tibshraeny the "Outstanding Public Official Award" by the Arizona Parks & Recreation Association -- a non-profit association organized to promote, broaden and improve parks and recreation in Arizona.

And avid runner and cyclist, Mayor Tibshraeny has been recognized for furthering the quality of life in Chandler through his leadership, advocacy and consistent support of parks, recreation, and cultural services. He led the City through a period of exceptional growth during his first two terms as Mayor from 1994 to 2002, focusing City efforts on the development of a strong parks and recreation system.

When re-elected in January 2011 after serving eight years in the State Senate, Mayor Tibshraeny stressed the importance that recreational amenities play in a community. He prioritized resources for the maintenance and sustainability of parks and recreation facilities and programs despite the effects the Great Recession was having on staffing levels and revenues.

When revenues began to improve, the Mayor pushed for the acceleration of park projects that had been delayed and implemented a number of quality of life initiatives, including the popular Mayor's Day of Play, held each October at Tumbleweed Park.

The coming fiscal year will continue to see new parks projects that will include upgrades to the Snedigar Sports Complex as well as Tumbleweed, Pima and Shawnee parks.

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The following health and wellness resources are provided by Dignity Health's Chandler Regional Medical Center.

Support Groups and Programs
Chandler Regional provides more than 80 programs encompassing outreach events, diabetes self-management classes, children's and adult immunization clinics, children's hearing and vision screenings, oral health education and services, safety education, prenatal classes, care to the underserved and underinsured, and mammography and support groups of all kinds. For additional information or to register for any of our classes, events, free support groups or tours, please call 480-728-5414.