Performance Measures

Learn how programs are performing and contribute to the strategic framework established for our community.

Through these dashboards, we are tracking our performance measures to report our overall progress towards the City Council 20121-2023 Strategic Framework. These dashboards help tell our story about Economic Vitality, Innovation and Technology, Mobility, Neighborhoods, and Quality of Life. We are an open, data-driven organization focused on results, transparency, and accountability. Performance Measurement is a part of our everyday decision-making and policymaking process. 


Innovation and Technology

Valley Benchmark Cities Reports

The City of Chandler participates in the Valley Benchmark Cities (VBC) group that analyzes performance data across the 11 members’ cities and towns. The Trends Report includes comparative data for Fiscal Years (FY) 2014-15 thru FY 2018-19, across several different functional areas. As more data becomes available, the group's goal is to identify "best in class" performers and "best practices" which can potentially be spread to other cities.

Trends Report

For more information please contact Kristi Smith, Accounting Manager, at 480-782-2332.