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Need information about City recycling and trash service? This is the most comprehensive page about Chandler's recycling, trash and other special waste programs. Click on the links to your left for more details about our services or call Customer Service at 480-782-3510.

  Important News 

  • Plastic bags and shrink wrap are the biggest contaminant in our City's recycling program. Plastic bags and other plastic wrap can cause damage to the equipment at the Material Recovery facility where your recyclable are sorted.  This type of plastic is NOT accepted in the City's recycling program.  Click here to find out where to recycle these types of plastic items. 

Use your blue recycling container ONLY for items on the City of Chandler's recyclables list.

Plastic Recyclables Do's
YES! - Place these item in your blue recycling container.
- Plastic bottles, jugs, and cups with the #1-#6 recycling symbol.
- Water & soft drink bottles
- Plastic milk & juice containers
- Shampoo, liquid soap, & bubble bath
- Yogurt cups
- Microwavable trays
- Ketchup, mustard,  salad dressing bottles 
- Plastic peanut butter, mayonnaise jars


Plastic Recyclables Don'ts
NO! - DO NOT place these items in your recycling container.
- Plastic bags, shrink wrap, and sheeting
- Shrink wrap from cases of bottled water & soft drinks, bulk canned food.
- Bubble wrap
- Plastic grocery & retail bags
- Bags containing newspapers & magazines
- Plastic paint drop cloths
- Plastic shrink wrap found on new mattresses, furniture & electronic items.

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