April is Water Awareness Month

March 14, 2018

Water pyramidApril is Water Awareness Month in Arizona and to mark the occasion, Chandler City Hall will host a towering ‘Water Pyramid” in the lobby beginning Monday, April 23.

The tower will be comprised of 136 one gallon containers that represent the average amount of water Valley residents use every day. The display will remain in the lobby through May, along with information on ways to conserve water.

In addition, Wayne Drop, the mascot for the Valley’s Water Use It Wisely campaign, will be making a special appearance Saturday, April 21, at Chandler’s Earth Day & Arbor Day celebration at Veterans Oasis Park.

Overwatering and leaky irrigation systems waste significant amounts of water and the City’s Water Conservation Office will hold workshops on the following dates in April and May covering drip irrigation system design, installation and repair:

  • April 26, Do it Yourself Drip Irrigation Design & Installation
  • May 3, Easy Irrigation Troubleshooting & Repair

The classes will be held from 6-8:45 p.m. at the Chandler ASU Innovation Center, 249 E. Chicago St. Register online at chandleraz.gov/water, call 480-782-3580, or email conserve@chandleraz.gov.

Not just in April but year-round, the City’s Water Conservation office can provide valuable water saving assistance, including;

  • Free onsite home water efficiency audits, including an irrigation system checkup
  • Landscape water use evaluation assistance (water budgeting) to determine if too much or too little water is being applied to a landscape
  • Water Saver Kits free for homes built before 1992 that include a showerhead, faucet aerators, leak detection tablets and a toilet displacement bag
  • Free landscape and irrigation workshops featuring plant care and irrigation topics that teach homeowners how to have lush landscapes that are water efficient
  • Rebates for landscape installation, conversion and weather-based irrigation controllers

Visit chandleraz.gov/water, call 480-782-3580, or email conserve@chandleraz.gov for more information about Chandler’s water conservation programs.