Chandler expands existing landlord incentive program

July 29, 2021
Landlord handing keys to young couple

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Chandler’s Housing and Redevelopment Division has recently expanded its “Increasing Rental Opportunities in Chandler” (I-ROC) program. Previously, for each property rented to a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV, otherwise known as Section 8) participant, new landlords received a $400 sign-on incentive. The incentive now has been increased to $1,000 per new property rented. Existing landlords who also renew leases to HCV families are now eligible to receive the $1,000 sign-on incentive.

In addition, the program has been expanded to include families participating in the Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) and TBRA (Tenant Based Rental Assistance) Programs.

“Chandler currently has more than 80 families in the HCV, EHV and TBRA programs who are searching for housing,” said Amy Jacobson, Housing and Redevelopment Manager. “It is becoming increasingly difficult to find low- to moderate-income housing within city limits and we’re hopeful with this enhanced program, more landlords will see the benefits of renting to our qualified families.”  

Under the original I-ROC incentive program, eight landlords initiated new lease agreements. There are several benefits to landlords participating in these programs, including steady monthly cash flow, payment stability (tenants pay a designated percentage of their income towards rent and utilities, while Chandler Housing pays the remainder directly to the landlord), tenant stability and more.

For more information on becoming a participating landlord, including a complete list of benefits, or to apply for the I-ROC program, visit Chandler Landlords. Interested landlords also may contact Lilia Gonzalez with Chandler Housing at Lilia Sanchez-Gonzalez or 480-782-3248 to address any specific questions.

Media contact:          
Stephanie Romero   
City of Chandler, Public Information Officer