Chandler Police seeking help of the community for animal abuse investigation

Sept. 28, 2023
CPD Badge

The Chandler Police Department is continuing to investigate the case of animal abuse and is requesting assistance from the public regarding the Special Needs Animal Welfare League (SNAWL) rescue operated out of a home in Chandler.

Police investigators are requesting that any citizen, rescue organization, or veterinary professionals with knowledge of the dogs prior to being adopted out to SNAWL, contact the police to provide additional assistance. We specifically request any photos and veterinary records of the animals before they were in SNAWLS's custody to document their condition prior to being placed in her care.

Additionally, regarding a separate portion of this investigation, investigators are asking for contact from anyone who donated money to any of McLaughlin's rescues. We will be asking for additional information regarding the rescue name, web link, date(s), donation amount, and supporting documentation.

An email has been dedicated exclusively for citizens who can provide the documentation needed in this investigation. Please email us at:

We understand that many citizens are concerned about this investigation, but we request that only those with information that can assist our investigation contact us at this email address.