Chandler’s Draft General Plan available for review

March 7, 2018
Chandler's Draft General Plan available for review

General Plan Info BoothOne year ago, Chandler initiated a community process to update the City's General Plan. This plan helps guide and shape the City's future as it reaches build-out and continues to mature. Chandler has been recognized for its strong neighborhoods, diverse housing, quality employment opportunities, great schools, abundant recreation and shopping amenities. In other words, Chandler is a well-rounded community where residents don't just live, but build a life.
The overarching goal of the updated General Plan is to ensure that the high standard of community building, set by past plans and decisions, are upheld going forward. The draft plan is a refinement of the previously adopted General Plan approved by voters in 2008. It provides the foundation for all City planning related to development and provides the policy framework for making decisions about how land should be used.

Citizen Oversight

A 23-member Citizen's Advisory Committee representing diverse interests and experiences was appointed by the City Council and has worked closely with staff and Partners for Strategic Action, a community planning and design firm, to prepare the Draft General Plan. Additionally, regional agency stakeholders participated on a Regional Resource Team and provided guidance at key process milestones.

Public Involvement

Residents played an important role in developing the draft plan, providing their input and opinions on what Chandler should look like in the future. Citizens, landowners, officials, agencies and interested stakeholders participated in 48 public events. The public involvement process included online opportunities for comment through a project website and a variety of in-person presentations made to various organizations, groups and City commissions. Public meetings, open houses, drop-in charrettes, visioning workshops and unique opportunities such as planning labs at the City museum and 16 presentations to elementary and high school students also were held.

A 60-day review period began December 21 and will be followed by two public hearings with the Planning & Zoning Commission in March, 2016. The plan will go before the City Council for approval in April and be voted on by the public in August.

Guiding Principles

The General Plan is a compilation of policies, text, graphics and maps that must be used collectively to understand how development will be managed. The plan is organized around three guiding principles and core values of equal importance that together work to implement the community's vision for Chandler:

Strategic Community Building
: Policies are identified that relate to the community's overall development pattern and physical character. These include policies on community placemaking, connecting people and places, growth areas, building a world-class economy, healthy Chandler, and conservation, rehabilitation and redevelopment.

Focused Stewardship
: Recommendations are made to protect Chandler's resources while continuing to create a quality community. The General Plan includes policies on conservation and environmental planning, meeting evolving energy needs and ensuring future water resources.
Strong Community Foundation: How Chandler will develop and maintain safe, state-of-the-art physical infrastructure to support community development also is addressed. The General Plan includes policies on public services and facilities, public buildings and financial sustainability.

Chandler's population growth has been slowing and will continue to slow as developable land diminishes. Today, 85 percent of Chandler's land is already developed. As the land supply dwindles, careful attention to undeveloped land and redevelopment is critical. It is important to build on community assets, learn from the past and make the best possible decisions about Chandler's future. Chandler's General Plan 2016 will guide those decisions.