City of Chandler launches new speaker series, Chandler Chats

Aug. 8, 2023
guest speaker

CHANDLER, Ariz. – The City of Chandler has created a new speaker series, Chandler Chats, connecting residents, businesses and other organizations to Chandler elected officials and staff for speaking engagements. The program is designed to help keep residents informed about all things Chandler to nurture a stronger, more connected community.

“Residents become better advocates when they immerse themselves with knowledge about how their city works,” said Mayor Kevin Hartke. “The Chandler City Council and city staff welcome all opportunities to bring this information to the community in a unique and interactive way.” 

Participants can broaden their knowledge about Chandler, meet their elected officials, learn about resources available to the community, and find out how to get involved in projects and programs. There will be a variety of topics available, ranging from the Chandler Strategic Framework to development to water resources, along with seasonal or timely topics that are meaningful to residents. Customized presentations or special requests will also be available.

Chandler Chats is open to non-profit agencies, schools, rotaries, businesses and other organizations that are based in Chandler. Visit Chandler Chats to request a speaker.

Media contact:
Melissa Quillard

Mayor & Council Communications Manager