Don’t swim in stormwater runoff

March 7, 2018
Don't swim in stormwater runoff

Do not swim in stormwater runoffWhen it rains in Chandler, retention basins and parks in your neighborhood will occasionally fill up with stormwater. And even though it may seem like a great way to cool off, playing or swimming in stormwater runoff can pose serious health and safety risks.

Stormwater runoff flows across the ground and picks up pollutants like pet waste, oils, gas, pesticides, fertilizers, household chemicals, litter and just about anything else that finds its way into the street. Stormwater runoff doesn't go to a wastewater treatment plant; it enters our retention basins, parks, greenbelts and community lakes untreated.

Swimming in stormwater-filled retention basins could make you sick. Fecal bacteria and e-coli from animal waste are commonly found in runoff, and can infect you by entering your mouth, nose, eyes, or open wounds.

You can help reduce the amount of pollutants that enter the storm drain by picking up after your pets, using fertilizers and pesticides sparingly, washing vehicles at a commercial car wash and fixing leaking vehicles. Those are just a few ways you can "Be the Solution to Stormwater Pollution!" For more information on stormwater pollution prevention, visit