Election season and campaign signs: Key points to know

June 1, 2022
Image of sidewalk with blurred images of campaign signs in grass

CHANDLER, Ariz. – With the installation of campaign signs throughout Chandler this week, there are some key points to know about what is allowed under Arizona State Law.

State law allows campaign signs for candidates and ballot measures to be placed in public right-of-way beginning 71 days prior to the primary election and concluding 15 days after the general election. For the 2022 election season, campaign signs can be placed from May 23 until Nov. 23.

Candidates and ballot measures who will not be part of the general election have 15 days after the Aug. 2 primary election to remove their campaign signs.

Chandler businesses and neighborhoods are reminded not to remove or throw away campaign signs for candidates or ballot measures that are located in the public right-of-way. It is a class two misdemeanor under Arizona State Law to remove, alter, deface or cover campaign signs for candidates and ballot measures.

If campaign signs become a safety hazard, such as obstructing an intersection or blocking a sidewalk, call or text the City of Chandler code enforcement team at 480-782-4320 to provide the location of the sign.

City of Chandler staff can notify the candidate or campaign committee of the need to relocate, remove and secure campaign signs that pose a safety hazard.


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Stephanie Romero
City of Chandler, Public Information Officer