An evening of fantasy and merriment await at the Chandler Library’s Fairy Tale Ball

Sept. 27, 2018
Princess at Fairy Tale Ball

Once upon a time, the Chandler Public Library held a Fairy Tale Ball, and they will do it again from 6-8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12. Storybook adventures and excitement await East Valley children and fairy tale lovers of all ages who attend the 2nd Annual Fairy Tale Ball for an evening of stories, crafts, games and entertainment at the Downtown Library, 22 S. Delaware St.

Don your shiny suit of armor, sparkly ball gown, or dress like your favorite fairy tale character. Children will be able to participate in “Crafts for Kings and Queens,” learn new skills at the Royal Knight School of Jousting, attend an etiquette class and have a royal photo opportunity with a princess. Dancing and face painting are some of the other activities that will be available. Refreshments will be provided by the Cup O’Karma café.

Fairy tales play a large part in a child’s literacy development as well as providing engaging entertainment. Children learn that while bad things happen in some fairy tales, most promote the ideal that, in the end, good will win. Anything is possible in a fairy tale, from talking animals to fairy godmothers. When presented with a problem or challenge, children with vivid imaginations will come up with wonderfully unique ways to overcome those challenges. Additional, fairy tales provide a fantastic place for adults to discuss right from wrong, consequences of choices and so many more critical thinking skills.

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