Iconic Chandler Plane is Moving to Veterans Oasis Park

Oct. 11, 2021
F86d Sabre Dog plane in Chandler, AZ

CHANDLER, Ariz. – One of Chandler’s most iconic landmarks, the F-86d Sabre Dog Korean War-era plane, is getting a new home this fall.  

Later this month, the F-86d plane is moving from Delaware Street and Chandler Boulevard to Veterans Oasis Park, 4050 E. Chandler Heights Road. It will be part of the new Field of Honor veterans memorial.

A rendering of this memorial, showing the plane’s new location, and a description of the meaning behind the Field of Honor is available at Field of Honor at Veterans Oasis Park

The plane will be restored in the park before the Field of Honor ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 11. This event will begin at 5 p.m. Visit Veterans Day Events for more details about the ribbon cutting and other Veterans Day events in Chandler.

The F-86d Sabre Dog aircraft has had a long history in Chandler.

  • The F-86d Sabre Dog is on loan from the National Museum of the US Air Force.   
  • In 1961, its first home was Dr. A.J. Chandler Park. This plane recognized the strong relationship between Chandler and nearby Williams Air Force Base.   
  • During a 1980s renovation of the park, the plane was moved to its existing location at the corner of Delaware Street and Chandler Boulevard.   
  • Sabre Dogs were an integral part of the fighter jet era following World War II. The nosecones on these planes housed a targeting radar system.  
  • The F-86d Sabre Dog served from 1951 through 1961 and was used as a defensive aircraft, often against MiGs, and was armed with 24 air-to-air rockets housed in a retractable tray on the underside of the fuselage.   
  • The F-86d was also known for its speed, and set several records topping out at over 715 MPH.

Learn more about the plane on Chandlerpedia: Chandler's F-86d Sabre Dog.

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Toni Smith
City of Chandler, Communications Manager