National Drinking Water Week is May 6-12

April 24, 2018
Employees of the City’s Water Quality Division help ensure the safety of Chandler’s drinking water. They have numerous certifications and degrees, including one employee with a PhD in Chemistry. Pictured L-R: Jim Brandt, Kim Durning, Lori McCallum, Kiera Hunter, Paul Ortega and Matt Dregely (Not shown: Anupa Jain, Hector Provencio, Drew Rostain and Nancy Milan)

It was 30 years ago that Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini co-sponsored a joint congressional resolution signed by then-President Ronald Reagan declaring the first week of May as Drinking Water Week in America.

All these years later, America’s water professionals and the communities they serve continue the tradition of recognizing the vital role clean, reliable drinking water plays in our daily lives.

Chandler supplies an average of 56 million gallons of high quality drinking water per day to our residential, business and industrial customers while meeting or exceeding all health and safety standards set by local, state and federal regulators.

Information about Chandler’s drinking water can viewed online at Included in the information is the most recent water quality report that provides information about your drinking water, its source and quality.

Top 10 tips for homeowners to maintain water quality in your home:

1. Clean faucets and aerators regularly
2. Clean and disinfect sinks and drains regularly
3. Keep drains clear and unclogged
4. Use cold water for drinking and preparing food
5. Replace old plumbing and install certified “lead free” fixtures
6. Flush cold water taps after household plumbing work or when the water hasn't been used for several days
7. Drain and flush your hot water heater annually
8. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the water heater, filters, treatment devices, softeners and any other products attached to the water system
9. Do not connect hoses or other devices intended for non-drinking purposes to household drinking water faucets
10. Keep hazardous chemicals and unsanitary materials away from drinking water faucets

A short, educational video about Chandler’s water quality efforts can be viewed at, along with additional information about the efforts the City takes to ensure the safety of your drinking water.