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August 14, 2012

Employees of the Year honored for service to citizens

The Mayor and City Council honored the accomplishments of employees from seven City departments at an awards ceremony held in conjunction with last night’s Council meeting. The Chandler Employee of the Year Awards recognize those employees whose professional contributions represent the highest attributes of public service.

Recipients were considered by their peers and supervisors to exemplify the high standards and values of the City and their respective departments and were lauded for their service to the City and public while demonstrating great skill, creativity and a positive attitude in the work place.

In addition to accolades from their peers and Council, winning employees received a framed certificate and gift card. Department Employees of the Year for 2012 were:

Community Services Department: Rynel Aldecoa, Sr. Management Assistant. Hired in 2002, Rynel can always be heard offering to help other employees complete their assignments. Her reputation for excellence, assistance and positive attitude is regularly noted and communicated back to the department leadership by other departments.

Fire Department: Joseph Clark, Facilities Maintenance Technician.  Joe spent 27 years as a Chandler Fire fighter and upon retirement in 2007 was hired to help maintain Chandler’s state-of-the- art Fire Training Center, calling upon prior experience working in hospital construction and maintenance.

General Government: Howard Estes, Information Technology Sr. Communications Coordinator. Howard has been with the City nearly 12 years and recently examined over 5000 records associated with the auditing of the City’s 911 database. This painstaking task required tremendous concentration and diligence and will help ensure that public safety personnel have accurate information when responding to emergencies.

Management Services: Mike Mandt, Acting Purchasing & Materials Supervisor. Mike is an 18-year employee and has gone above and beyond due to organizational changes that have had him performing the duties of three positions.

Municipal Utilities: Sal Correa, Utility Systems Operator III. A nine-year veteran of the City, Sal is always looking for better, safer and more cost effective ways to perform a task. He is known for motivating his fellow employees to be the best they can be and frequently receives praise from citizens he helps.

Police Department: Denise Aguirre, Police Administrative Specialist. Denise is a 14-year employee and treats everyone with dignity and respect.  On top of her daily tasks. Denise makes fingerprint identifications at the Courts and instructs new officers on Crime Lab procedures and system use.

Transportation & Development: Steve DiDomenico, Development Project Coordinator. Steve coordinates with private utility companies performing work in the City.  In spite of demanding schedules and deadline pressures, Steve exhibits diplomacy, a great attitude, teamwork and a smile.