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Dec. 16, 2016

Execute to Win (ETW) chooses Chandler for new location

Execute to Win (ETW), a software and management technology company, has signed a lease for office space in Downtown Chandler. The company is currently housed in a building near the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport with Able Engineering, which has the same founder and is a major customer of ETW. ETW will locate in 4,645 square feet of office space in the First Credit Union Building, 25 S. Arizona Place, and expects to be operational by June 2017. The company currently has 25 employees, and this new space is expected to accommodate growth to 50 employees by the end of 2017.  

“The City of Chandler is proud to welcome ETW to Downtown Chandler. These high-wage technology jobs are an excellent fit with our City’s economic development goals and contributes to Chandler’s reputation as the Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest,” stated Mayor Jay Tibshraeny.  “We thank the company for both their confidence and investment in the City.”  

“We are excited to move to Chandler as it is a central and vibrant location with lots of talent to draw from, and this location has wonderful restaurants and amenities nearby for employees to enjoy,” said Lee Benson, ETW’s chief executive officer.

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About ETW
ETW provides a platform to track, evaluate and measure employee performance against the major objectives of the organization and easily execute and translate long-term strategy into clear, actionable goals. With ETW, organizations can effectively communicate their company’s roadmap to success and engage everyone throughout the organization with that roadmap. Using ETW software allows organizations to connect employees to strategy and an intentional culture, driving sustainable winning results.

ETW founder Lee Benson started Able Engineering in 1993, and grew the company from a three-employee company into a world-class 500+ employee aerospace company. In the midst of explosive growth, he searched the market for existing technology that would help him effectively communicate and connect every employee to his organization’s strategy and to drive an intentional performance-based culture.  Much to his disappointment, no such system existed. Realizing that a sustainable and scalable way to drive culture and performance was the key to his organization’s success, he had his team of software engineers create the prototype for what is now known as Execute to Win (ETW). 

This software, in conjunction with the proven management practices in which employees and managers participated, made his company grow profitably when the entire Aerospace Industry was in a recession. Everyone was asking Lee for his “Secret Sauce” to understand how he was able to accomplish such great results.  
In 2012, Lee finally decided to commercialize ETW so that other leaders who want extraordinary results can access the ETW technology and proven management practices. He partnered with Jack Welch to continually iterate on improving the software and methodologies to drive extraordinary results for different kinds of organizations. Today, ETW works with senior leaders of private, public and government entities - from small to enterprise in size - that are focused on and achieving sustainable and scalable winning results. For more information on ETW, visit

About Chandler
The City of Chandler continues to develop its reputation as the Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest, and is home to significant operations for world-renowned companies such as Intel, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, PayPal and Orbital ATK. The City has seen significant growth in its software sector in recent years, particularly the expansion of Infusionsoft. The City offers an attractive operating environment for this industry with an excellent workforce, great educational systems, a competitive business environment and outstanding quality of life. For more information on Chandler, visit