Diversity Education & Training

The City of Chandler’s Diversity Office seeks to connect with small businesses and places of worship in need of diversity training and educational opportunities. The Office has a growing listing of speakers willing to share their knowledge, experiences and perspectives with the community-at-large for greater understanding and empathy. 

Subject matters experts or organizations with resources in these specific areas who are available to assist with outreach and educational opportunities are encouraged to contact Niki Tapia with the Chandler Diversity Office at 480-782-2214.

Interested organizations with requests for assistance are encouraged to complete an online survey.

Request Diversity Training


The Office has brought together the City’s Human Relations Commission and Diversity Advisory Group, made up of Chandler community leaders in the business, nonprofit, education and faith-based areas, to address the following needs:

  • Chandler4Change – This diversity and inclusion action subcommittee will focus on non-partisan initiatives such as voter registration, participation in the 2020 Census and involvement in local government. Their activities (still being planned) will allow people to learn, engage, share and facilitate change in Chandler.
  • Youth Initiatives – These individuals will work with the school district to assess how community involvement can help students with educational opportunities.
  • Cultural Programs Promotion – This subcommittee will work together to cross promote and support the numerous cultural events and programming offered by organizations in Chandler.
  • Community Listening Sessions – The Human Relations Commission has launched a subcommittee to visit underrepresented populations in Chandler and report back to City Council on recommendations that will benefit the quality of life, economic opportunity and relationships with all members of our community. They also will work with Chandler4Change on this initiative.