Barking Dogs

Barking dogs can present a major problem in urban areas such as Chandler. While some people are very tolerant of dog barking, other citizens are sensitive to the disturbance. 
We have to remember that many of our neighbors work various shifts and may be sleeping at times when we aren’t home and our dog could be barking. The ideal solution is to talk to your neighbor and resolve the issue. If the situation cannot be resolved, charges may be filed against the dog owner. The complainant (person annoyed by the barking dog) will begin this process by filing a formal complaint.
A complainant is required for an officer to respond to a barking dog call. The complainant must be willing to give their name and testify in court. An officer will not respond if you are unwilling to give this information. There are still remedies available if you do not want to be a named complainant.
If you do not want to be a named complainant, you can call the barking dog hotline or go to the online information request to have a packet sent to you.
Chandler City Code 30-11, Disturbing the peace prohibited, classifies a barking dog offense as a violation of city code. The first two citations are civil infractions, which involves a fine. The third offense is classified as a class one misdemeanor.
Barking Dog Hotline:
You may call the Barking Dog Hotline at 480-782-BARK (2275) to have information sent to a barking dog owner in your neighborhood or to receive a Barking Dog Petition by mail.
Barking Dog Online Information Request:
You may use the online information request to receive additional information regarding barking dogs. The online request will also send information to the neighbors home where the dog is barking. This may help alleviate the problem without the official intervention of a police officer.