Temporary Sales and Promotional Event

Temporary Sales and Promotional Event (TSPE) is a special event or combination of special events not exceeding 48 calendar days in any calendar year using private property to display and sell merchandise customarily sold in a store on the premise or activities promoting a special event, product, merchandise or other promotion including, but not limited to grand openings, change of business ownership, business anniversaries and other events on private, nonresidential property.

View the Special Event Application process if you would like your event held on City property, otherwise, you need to apply for a TSPE permit.

What you need to do

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Include a copy of proof of insurance, a summary of the event, written permission from the property owner and a site plan of the property
  3. Please fill out the Covenant of Indemnification
  4. Email the complete application to TSPE@chandleraz.gov
  5. Email written COVID-19 mitigation measures to HEOCLogistics@azdhs.gov and copy the City at TSPE@chandleraz.gov
  6. Complete the ADHS online form
  7. Call our office at 480-782-4320 to schedule an application review meeting

Additional TSPE Application Forms

Additional Applicant Resources