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In comparison to other cities, Chandler's monthly rate of $16.93 is one of the lowest monthly rates in the valley.

This rate offers twice-a-week collection for curbside recycling and trash collection (curb or alley - depending on the neighborhood), curbside bulk collection (once every six weeks, as requested by a resident), household hazardous waste drop-off (by scheduled appointment), and use of the City's Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center for trash and recycling disposal.

Residents living in a single family home, up to a tri-plex unit, are ratepayers receiving these services.

Yes! Solid Waste Services has a flyer listing materials accepted for recycling in the blue curbside container, visit City of Chandler's Recycling List.

In-house recycling baskets for your kitchen or utility area are available to residents paying for City-provided trash and recycling collection. To request delivery of an in-house basket for use in your home call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510.

The primary reason is economics. There are three main factors that determine what materials can economically be recycled:

  • QUANTITY: There must be a large enough quantity of the material available to recycle.
  • COST: Cost for material must be greater than cost of collection, processing and transportation.
  • ACCEPTANCE: Just as important as cost, the material recovery facility (recycling center) must accept the material. If the item is not listed as accepted in Chandler's recycling program, then the recycling center doesn't accept the item for processing due to one of the three factors noted above.

Styrofoam and other polystyrene products may be marked as recyclable, but these items are not accepted in the Chandler's curbside recycling program. Unfortunately, there is no market for most of the Styrofoam materials, as this material is often contaminated with food, liquids or glues and other packing materials. Not all Styrofoam is made the same and some Styrofoam contains fire retardant chemicals that are not biodegradable. Styrofoam cups and food containers should be bagged and thrown in the trash container.

There are local companies, such as UPS stores and Earth Friendly Block that accept clean Styrofoam packing materials, including block and peanuts. Since storage space may be limited, it is recommended to call the store near you to be sure they accept the material.

Like most of the valley cities, Chandler's curbside and neighborhood drop-off recycling programs do not accept plastic bags, plastic shrink wrap, or plastic packaging (such as bubble wrap). Here's why: Plastic bags often get caught up in the recycling sorting equipment, causing costly break downs, and putting workers at risk of injury. Also, many of the bags found in the City's recycling containers contain trash, making the bags unmarketable because of the contamination. Most local grocers in Chandler offer plastic bag recycling bins in stores, usually located near the store entrance or checkout area. For types of plastic bags and plastic wrap accepted at these locations link to: Bag Central Station.

Reusing plastic bags is also an option. Maricopa County regulations and Chandler City Code require perishable trash be bagged and tied. Plastic bags are an excellent way for securing wet and perishable household trash before throwing it into the trash container.

Many Chandler City parks have installed dog waste stations, offering pet owners the convenience of grabbing a plastic bag from a waste station to clean up after their pets. This program helps you get rid of extra bags, prevents the City from having to purchase bags, and keeps local parks and neighborhoods clean.

For details on upcoming Shred-a-Thons visit Maricopa County Attorney or Arizona Attorney General's Fraud Fighters or contact local area office supply chains, as some offer this service.

Chandler offers FREE curbside bulk collection service to residents receiving City-provided trash and recycling collection service. This service is available every six weeks, at the request of a resident. Simply call to schedule the bulk. Chandler collects bulk materials at the curb, right in front of the resident's home. For more details about bulk requirements or if you would like to schedule a free bulk collection, call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510, or visit Bulk Materials Collection.

Residents paying for city-provided solid waste services on their City of Chandler utility bill qualify to self-haul and self-unload waste and recycling at the Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center. This facility does not accept business waste for disposal.

For most household waste, there is no charge. However, per ton fee is charged for household construction debris, dirt, gravel, rock, and manure. A fee is charged for items with Freon units. The fee per unit is the cost charged to the City for Freon removal. All fees charged are billed directly to the ratepayer's utility account. No cash, check or credit/debit card transactions are accepted. 

View City Fee Schedule

The facility is open Thursday - Monday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.; CLOSED Tuesday & Wednesday, and the following holidays: New Year's Day, MLK Day, Presidents' Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday), & Christmas.

Chandler City Code requires residents using this facility to produce a current City of Chandler utility bill (current within 60 days of the billing date) and current photo i.d. associated with the address that is paying for the city-provided solid waste services.

Chandler residents not paying for city-provided solid waste services, but are living in a multi-family dwelling incorporated within City of Chandler may use this facility for a $20 fee. Proof of residency is required by producing a current photo i.d. and a current rent receipt at check in. Some restrictions do apply. For details call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510.

To better serve Chandler residents, the City offers household hazardous waste collection at the City's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. Appointments are required for drop-off as this operation does not have full-time staffing. No commercial business waste, ammunition, gun powder or bio-hazard materials will be accepted. For more details visit the link above or call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510.

Chandler's recycling contract for processing recycling materials specifies inspections be performed to ensure materials placed in the blue container are accepted in Chandler's curbside recycling program.

Inspections address any items that pose potential health and safety risks to employees at the recycling center who manually sort materials, making sure what is placed in the blue containers is NOT perishable trash, human or animal waste, or hazardous waste.

Public health, solid waste and other environmental regulations governed by the State of Arizona, Maricopa County and Chandler City Code, require perishable garbage and wet grass to be secured in plastic bags BEFORE placing this type of waste in a black trash or alley container to reduce concerns for breeding of flies and other pesky insects.

Currently, the City does not have a green barrel program. Periodically, cost-benefit evaluations are conducted to assess the feasibility of implementation. Though it is not economically viable for the City to collect green waste by offering a green barrel program at this time, the City is committed to continuously seeking options for diversion.

Clean green waste self-hauled to the Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center by residents is diverted to a contractor who processes the material into compost and mulch for the marketplace. Palm fronds, grass, cacti, and large tree stumps are the exception, and at this time, these materials are disposed.

The City pays for clean green waste to be processed, and the price per ton is slightly less than the cost associated with landfill disposal. The City does not receive any of the mulch or compost from the vendor.

Current options for assisting residents with handling their yard waste needs include curbside bulk collection or self-hauling yard waste to the Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center. For more details, call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510.

Contact Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510 and staff will schedule your container for repair. If your container cannot be repaired, the container will be replaced.

If you observe a dead animal on a City right-of-way, Monday through Friday form 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510 for pick up. After hours, contact the Police Department non-emergency number at 480-782-4130. The City does not remove animals from private property.