Recycling Drop-off Sites

Solid Waste Services encourages the community to participate in Chandler's recycling programs. In support of the community's efforts to reduce waste, the City offers several recycling drop-off sites for residents not receiving curbside recycling service.

Recycling Drop-off Site

  1. Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center: 955 E. Queen Creek (just west of McQueen)


Removal of Neighborhood Drop-off Sites

A message from the Chandler Solid Waste & Recycling Division

The City removed recycling bins at all Neighborhood Drop-Off Sites due to recurring issues with users placing the wrong types of materials in the bins (contamination), users dumping materials outside of the bins, and a reduction in recycling revenues due to market conditions.

There are three main factors that determine what materials can economically be recycled:

  • QUANTITY: There must be a large enough quantity of the particular material available to recycle.
  • REVENUE: Revenues from the material must be greater than the cost of collecting, processing and transporting the material.
  • MARKET AVAILABILITY: Just as important as “cost vs. revenue” is the existence of a market to sell recycled materials. The City’s recycling center vendor must be willing to accept the material. Certain materials may not have a viable buyer’s market, or quantities and potential revenues may be too low.
Recycling Bin Overflow and Dumping

The blue bins at Chandler’s Neighborhood Drop-Off Sites have signs attached to them which state which types of materials can be placed in the bins and the types that cannot. When the wrong types of materials are placed in the bins, that leaves less room for the right types of materials. When the bins fill up, people dump their items next to the bins instead of waiting and bringing their materials back when the bins are empty. Dumping outside of the bins is unsightly, can lead to materials blowing into neighborhoods, and forces recycling staff to reallocate resources, wasting time and taxpayer dollars.

Finally, Neighborhood Drop-Off Sites are intended to be a convenience for environmentally conscious residents who do not have home recycling services through the City of Chandler. For example, apartment dwellers who do not have recycling service at their apartment complexes can take their recyclables to one of the City’s drop-off sites. They are not intended to be used by residents who already have weekly recycling home pick-up and who want to dump their excess recycling materials that won’t fit in their blue bin that week, such as large cardboard boxes. For those residents, Chandler offers free curbside bulk pickup service.

To schedule a bulk pickup, or if you have any questions or comments about the City’s recycling program, call 480-782-3510.

Thank you,

Chandler Solid Waste & Recycling Division