McClintock-Kyrene Bike Lanes Project

(ST1701-401 CHN0243D T018701C)

Construction was recently completed for the construction of two new segments of bike lanes along McClintock Drive and Kyrene Road to provide connectivity to existing bike lane systems at Chandler Boulevard and Ray Road.

Bike lane improvements for McClintock Drive took place from just north of the Loop 202 Santan Freeway to the Chandler border north of Ray Road adding approximately 2.5 miles of new bike lanes.  Bike lane improvements for Kyrene Road merged with the existing striped bike lanes on Kyrene Road just south of Chandler Boulevard to the Chandler border north of Ray Road adding approximately 1.3 miles of new bike lanes.

TRAFFIC CONTROL CHANGE: Bike lanes were recently added to McClintock Dr north and south of Chandler Blvd. In addition, a recent evaluation of traffic patterns indicated most southbound McClintock Dr. traffic turns left (eastbound) at Chandler Blvd. with fewer vehicles continuing south on McClintock Dr. To accommodate an additional left turn lane, the McClintock Dr. median was shifted slightly to the east.

For increased efficiency and movements thru the intersection, southbound McClintock Dr. traffic now includes only one thru southbound lane and two left turn lanes onto eastbound Chandler Blvd. Please ensure you merge into the correct lane when approaching the intersection, and additional marks have been placed in the intersection to better delineate left turn movements.

Signage has also been placed at the approach to the intersection to indicate the traffic control changes, so please drive with caution through the intersection.

CONSTRUCTION INFO:  (June 11, 2021)

Scheduled to begin June 16, a mill and overlay activity will take place on Kyrene Rd, between Chandler Blvd and Ray Rd, for about one month.

Crews will first lower utilities, such as manholes and valves, to prevent them from being damaged during the milling process. Crews will then mill (remove) the top layer of asphalt from the road surface and seal existing cracks prior to paving.

Once the crack fill is complete, paving crews will apply a surface course (top layer) of asphalt to the roadway, followed by striping and raising utilities to make them flush with the new asphalt surface.

During each of these processes, lane restrictions will be in place to shift traffic away from the work zone. As the work crosses side streets or driveways, there will be brief periods where access may be restricted but crews will work to restore access as quickly as possible.

For questions regarding the project, please contact us.


McClintock Bike Lane Project Plan


City of Chandler Title VI Notice to the Public

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