Car Pool Tips and Guidelines

Carpooling is beneficial on an individual level and for your community as a whole. It can reduce air pollution while saving you money in the process. 


Carpool Tips

Forming a Carpool

Call the first person on your list. Introduce yourself and explain the reason for your call.

Try to ARRANGE an informal meeting, near work or near home. At this meeting, or on the phone, go over the following points:

  • Decide who's to drive and who's to ride and when!
  • Arrange a convenient pick-up and drop-off point.
  • Determine waiting time, radio stations and reimbursement for commuting costs.
  • Trade phone numbers with everyone in the group - keep copies at work and home.
  • Share insurance information. Have drivers check their insurance to be sure of adequate coverage; car-poolers should inquire about available insurance discounts.

Your Cost of Driving Alone ***
Monthly Drive Alone Cost = Your daily round trip mileage ______
X 21 work days/month
X .56 cents (cost per mile) = $ _________________

***AAA driving cost based on 15,000 miles driven per year.


Carpool Guidelines

Once your carpool is formed, remember the following guidelines to keep things running smoothly:

  • Be on time. Don't keep people waiting if you know you're going to be late. Let everyone know you'll be making other arrangements to get to work.
  • Agree on an alternative plan in the event that the driver is unavailable.
  • Gas up your car ahead of time for the round trip.
  • Resist making detours for personal errands, such as stopping at the store on the way home.
  • Smoking is always a sensitive issue. Establish smoking policies at the beginning and be sensitive to others' preferences.

If a member of your carpool drops out or if you would like to change poolers or join a vanpool and save even more money, call: 602-262-RIDE