Food Trucks

Need approval to discharge your mobile food establishment, food truck, or food cart’s wastewater to a commissary located within the City of Chandler?

Mobile food establishment wastewater is classified as gray water containing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and high loads of organic matter from food and beverage products.  Wastewater that contains any quantity of FOG must be treated through a properly sized and maintained grease trap or interceptor prior to discharging to the Public Owned Treatment Works (POTW)

The following items are must be submitted (via email) to the Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) for review before approval for a mobile food establishment to discharge gray water to the POTW can be issued.  

  • The mobile food establishment’s name (company name) and type of product(s) served, e.g., beverages and food, food only, beverages only, etc.
  • The commissary’s name and address where the mobile food establishment intends to discharge the accumulated gray water.
  • Designate which drain(s) at the specified commissary that will receive the accumulated gray water.
  • Statement of assurance that the specified drain(s) receiving the gray water are connected to a suitable FOG removal device.
  • Provide information on the FOG removal device’s type, model, and capacity, as well as, the frequency that the commissary has the FOG removal device serviced or pumped.
  • The estimated frequency and volume of the proposed gray water to be discharged from the mobile food establishment to the commissary’s drains.

Be aware that the identified commissary and its FOG removal device will be verified to ensure the facility is capable of receiving and effectively treating your gray water.

Email the IPP