Public Notice: Important Information About Your Drinking Water

Chandler remains in compliance with Safe Drinking Water requirements.

Official sampling for TTHMs conducted on July 9, 2019, confirms that Chandler’s water is in compliance with all Safe Drinking Water requirements.

In May of this year, the City of Chandler notified customers that the water system exceeded a drinking water compliance standard for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) at

one (1) of the City’s twelve (12) TTHM monitoring sites. The Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA) defines the standard for TTHMs at 80 parts per billion (ppb) and determines compliance based on averaging all samples collected quarterly at each sampling location for the past 12 months.

The exceedance occurred at Site 10-A in west Chandler near the intersection of Chandler Boulevard and 54th Street. Upon discovering the exceedance, the City immediately implemented measures to ensure that water in this area regained compliance. Measures included:

  • Using groundwater wells to blend TTHM-free water into the entire system
  • Operational changes at the surrounding water reservoirs
  • Chemical adjustments at the surface water treatment plant
  • Additional monitoring for TTHMs at multiple locations in Chandler

These measures made an immediate and lasting impact on TTHM levels at Site 10-A and throughout the system. Weekly sampling from May 2, 2019, through July 1, 2019, showed that TTHMs at Site 10-A were consistently better than the EPA standard. The result of the quarterly compliance sampling from July 9, 2019, confirms this and yields a new average TTHM of 73 ppb at Site 10-A for the last 12 months. Chandler water is in compliance for TTHMs at Site 10-A and continues to be in compliance at all 11 other sample sites.

The City of Chandler Public Works and Utilities staff works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you have a safe drinking water supply. More than 100 tests are performed each day on the drinking water you receive at your home or business. These tests ensure that your water meets the standards for the more than 90 drinking water contaminants regulated by the EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

For more information, please contact Chandler’s Water Quality Division at 480-782-3654 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please share this information with all other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.

Este documento está disponible en español en el sitio web de la Ciudad de Chandler: Para hablar con un representante de servicio al cliente de habla hispana, llame al 480-782-2280, de lunes a viernes, de 8 a.m. a 5 p.m.

City of Chandler TTHM Water Quality Notification