Web Help

Web Help

The City's Web site, chandleraz.gov, is designed to work across computer platforms so that both PC and Mac users can access the information they need.

Web site Usability
The City of Chandler's website works on all current Web browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. It is suggested that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser to experience all features offered on chandleraz.gov. The site is optimized to use Adobe Reader for all PDF documents.

The main font used on the site is Verdana. Font sizes vary. The site allows users to control the size of the font through their Web browser. This enables all users to set the font based on their preferences and needs. The standard font size for body copy is xx-small. Use the Help feature in your browser to learn how to set your font preferences.

The City's site works best with monitors that have 256 colors or more; 16-bit color is recommended. You can change your color settings using your computer's screen setup program. Links to other pages within the Web site are highlighted by the color red throughout the entire site.

Response Time
Chandleraz.gov is optimized to provide users with quick response times. Image sizes are kept small so that pages and programs load within a reasonable time. If there is a lag, it is because of high traffic on the site. In that case, we suggest you revisit the site at a later time. The City also alerts its users of any scheduled maintenance or anticipated downtime. These messages can be found on the E-Services page as well as the homepage. We generally give 24-hour notice of any possible interruptions to Web services.

Finding the Information You Need
We attempt to make all pages available within two clicks of the homepage. Links to more information are indicated in red. The site anticipates several ways that residents and other users will look for information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the Search box is on the homepage as well as a site map. Or, you can simply call the City at 480-782-2000 for help. For the more popular features, we have a QuickLinks box on the homepage to the highly accessed areas of the site.

At the City of Chandler, we take security and privacy of our site. While many of our documents are a matter of public record, we use state-of-the-art applications and technologies to protect the site from unauthorized access. You also can control your privacy settings through your Web browser. View the City's Privacy Policy.