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From what type of documents are available to turnaround times and common terms, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions and definitions of commonly used terms related to public records. For further assistance, please contact the Chandler City Clerk’s Office at 480-782-2181.

  • Ordinances - 1920 to Present
  • Resolutions – 1920 to Present
  • Council Minutes – 1920 to Present
  • Council Agendas – 1930 to Present
  • Board and Commission Minutes – 1920 to Present
  • Board and Commission Agendas – 1930 to Present
  • Election Documents – 1924 to Present

Documents are uploaded after they are signed and received by the City Clerk’s Office, typically within three business days.

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Formal action is taken by the public body. This meeting can include scheduled and/or unscheduled public appearances and staff presentations before action is taken.

A meeting where the public body is to hold a discussion, ask clarifying questions and gather more information from those involved with a particular item to help prepare for possible action at a regular meeting. No decisions are made nor actions taken.

A meeting of the public body to learn more about a specific subject and provide Staff direction. No formal action is taken however, a consensus of the public body provides staff direction to work towards their defined goals.

An action that has the effect of making or amending or repealing substantive city law.

A document adopted to set general policy, give direction, and express intent of public policy of the city.

A written summary detailing the comments and action taken at a public meeting.

Chandler Municipal Code is the compilation of ordinances that establish the rules and regulations under which the City of Chandler operates. The Chandler Municipal Code and City Charter are available through Municode.

Reports of contributions received and expenditures made by registered political committees. These reports are filed periodically according to a schedule that is triggered by an election. If, during a campaign finance reporting period, the committee has received no contributions and made no expenditures, the committee may file a No Activity Statement instead of the Campaign Finance Report. Candidate Campaign Committees may file an Annual No Activity Statement in January of an Election Year, if qualified, and may not be required to file periodic reports.

Political Committee Registration Documents generally may include: Statements of Organization, $500 Threshold Exemption Statements, or Termination Statements.

Registers a political committee with the city. Once a Statement of Organization has been filed, the committee is required to file scheduled campaign finance reports. Once a Termination Statement has been filed, the political committee is no longer required to file reports with the city.

Registration document and notifications of expenditures by corporations, limited liability companies or labor organizations to support or oppose one or more candidates. Organizations making independent expenditures must file a registration document providing the name and contact information of the person authorized to make independent expenditures for the organization. These organizations must file a notice with the City Clerk each time they spend $1,000 or more in support of or opposition to one or more candidates for elected office. There is no limit on the amount that the organization may spend.