About Chandler Municipal Airport



Ten facts about Chandler Municipal Airport: Your Community Airport since 1948


  1. Chandler Municipal Airport (CHD), is owned and operated by the City of Chandler.
  2. The Federal Aviation Administration manages aircraft in flight and establishes flight patterns. As a public airport, Chandler Municipal must be open for public use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. There are no scheduled airline services operated at Chandler Municipal Airport, and there are no plans to introduce such in the near future. We are a general aviation airport, which means the primary uses are corporate and self-piloted business flights, sport/hobby aviation, flight training, public safety and medical service flights.
  4. Chandler Municipal Airport experienced 222,899 takeoffs and landings, making it the 16th busiest general aviation airport in the U.S. in 2018 and the 48th busiest U.S. airport overall.
  5. Each year the Chandler Municipal Airport generates almost $110 million in total economic activity, equaling almost $300,000 each day.
  6. By 2025, it is projected that more than 400,000 take-offs and landings will occur each year at Chandler Municipal Airport.
  7. The Heliport at Chandler Municipal Airport is regarded among pilots as one of the best facilities in North America.
  8. We encourage pilots to "Fly Friendly" and use voluntary noise abatement procedures; however, overflights may occur more frequently if you live close to an airport's flight pattern. Aircraft arriving and departing an airport will, by nature, be at lower altitudes.
  9. The Chandler Municipal Airport is the heart of the Chandler Airpark. The airpark is the nine-square-mile employment center surrounding the airport, which is expected to have more than 25,000 jobs by 2025.
  10. The airport has an Airport Commission, made up of community members who serve as an advisory group to Mayor and Council. Monthly meetings, which are generally held on the 2nd Wednesday, are open to the public.