Considerable planning and daily maintenance keeps Chandler on the move. It’s no easy task, but one that we take seriously. Through the dedicated efforts of the Transportation Division, Chandler's transportation system continues to be a well-maintained and valuable contributor to Chandler's quality of life.


The City's Transportation Master Plan was updated in 2019 (approved by the City Council on Feb. 13, 2020) to best reflect the growth and evolving transportation needs of the community. It will help City leaders plan for and build a transportation system that best leverages new and emerging transportation technologies. It also enhances the City's ability to compete for regional and federal funding opportunitites for recommended projects.



photo of traffic cones and barricades

Road Projects and Traffic Restrictions

Updates on current roadway projects and projected traffic restrictions in Chandler.

For Contractors:


Street Lights

Is there a street light out in your neighborhood? Tell us where, and we'll make the repair.   

Street Sweeping

Our streets must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. City of Chandler street sweepers are in operation both day and night all over the City.

Slurry Seal

Slurry is made up of pieces of fine gravel combined with emulsified asphalt and water. This mix is then applied to older surfaces as a preservation mechanism. Slurry sealing does not replace repaving, but rather reinforces and prolongs the life of existing roadways.

Stormwater Program

Learn about where stormwater goes when it rains, and how to reduce stormwater pollutants.     


photo of person in traffic management center

Traffic Management Center

With its wall of video screens displaying images of intersections, Chandler's Traffic Management Center (TMC) enables the City to monitor situations at major intersections to better control the flow of traffic. Signal system analysts working in the center can modify signal timing to address construction issues, impacts caused by roadway maintenance projects, accidents and other incidents. The TMC receives video feeds from more than 800 cameras located at 200-plus intersections.

Red Light Photo Enforcement Program  

Chandler has joined other Valley communities in using photo enforcement to reduce the rate of red light running offenses and accidents as well as speeding on green.  

Traffic Volumes & Calming Measures

Information on intersection traffic volumes and road segment traffic volumes. Controlling traffic volumes or traffic speeds along residential streets is critical to maintaining a safe neighborhood and community.      

Traffic Signals

You can report traffic signal problems and learn more about the City's improvements with signal timing.

  • Read more about the new Yellow Flashing Turn Signal.    

image from traffic timing video

When in traffic, timing is everything (video)

Chandler re-times it's traffic signals regularly to ensure efficient traffic flow.

Dynamic Message Signs

Three Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) provide travel time information for commuters as they approach the freeway. They are located on westbound Chandler Blvd east of I-10 and on northbound Arizona Ave and Price Rd south of Loop 202. The signs were purchased with money received from a federal Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality grant that supports technologies and infrastructure improvements designed to reduce traffic congestion, which in turn improves air quality.     

State Road Conditions & Transportation Advisories

Chandler is working with the Arizona Department of Transportation to provide traffic and road condition information for major freeways on its 511 phone system and website. This link provides information on road closures, construction, weather conditions and also displays images from freeway cameras.


Transit News and Events

The latest in Chandler Transit News, including proposed changes to local bus routes, plus:


Bus and Light Rail

people boarding busValley Metro operates bus service 365 days a year, with an extensive list of routes traveling through the Valley. Several Chandler bus routes make connections to the light rail. METRO light rail provides convenient train service from Mesa to Tempe and Phoenix. Route maps and schedules for Bus and Light Rail can be found at, or call Customer Service at 602-253-5000.

Chandler Park and Ride

The Chandler Park and Ride is located at the southwest corner of Germann and Hamilton Street and has 460 parking spaces.

Carpooling Tips

Every carpooling participant takes another car off the road, which means less congested roads and highways. As more people take part in carpooling programs or organize carpools within their workplaces, overall traffic congestion will decrease, which reduces fuel consumption, commute time, and the cost of road repairs.

Valley Metro Paratransit

Effective July 1, 2017, East Valley Dial-A-Ride's name will change to "Valley Metro Paratransit." This service provides door-to-door, shared ride public transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities. Service hours vary. Call 480-633-0101 for details before July 1, 2017. After July 1, 2017, the number will change to 602-716-2100.      


Valley Metro RideChoice provides taxi service at a deeply discounted rate to qualified seniors and people with disabilities in participating communities.

MAG Regional Bike Map

The Maricopa Association of Governments publishes a regional bike map. View an interactive online bike map. Chandler bicycling routes can also be found here    

Air Quality

Controlling the particulate matter that gets into our air takes more than a government agency and more than a scientific plan to reduce particulate matter. It takes action and commitment by all of us.  Visit the County's Air Quality website.


The planning that goes into the development of our transportation system, and the policies that guide that development, are among the most important activities performed by your City government. A City's transportation system affects how we travel to work, to school or to the store. It affects the distribution of consumer goods and the provision of services. Transportation even plays a role in many recreational activities. The vitality and livability of a community is largely dependent on the quality of its transportation system.