Aquatics Policies, Rules & Regulations

The policies, rules, and regulations are in place for the comfort and safety of all guests. These rules are in addition to the rules and regulations posted at each aquatic center. Please review these regulations when you visit any of our facilities.

  • Pool Managers and lifeguards have complete authority in the pool. Lifeguards are on duty to provide a safe environment and respond to and assist with aquatic emergencies. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to watch their child at all times. 
  • Pools may not be used for private instruction during public swim and lap swim hours.
  • Flotation devices, water wings, and flotation-filled swimsuits are prohibited unless U.S. Coast Guard approved.
  • Any guest entering the pool, swimming or not, is required to pay the admission fee.
  • Children 7 and under must be accompanied by a responsible teenager, 13 years or older, or an adult. 
  • The use of mermaid tails and/or monofins are not permitted.
  • All aquatic facilities are smoke-free. Smoking is strictly prohibited in aquatic facilities located on school sites. This includes the area outside the aquatic center and parking lots. 
  • We ask all guests to shower and use the bathroom before entering and enjoying the pool. 
  • Guests with open wounds, sores, inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharges, boils, or other acute or obvious body infections or cuts shall be excluded from entering the facility.

Maricopa County Health  Department (MCHD) requirements are followed regarding fecal incidents. There are different procedures that must be followed for solid and liquid fecal incidents. To avoid the pool being shut down for a 24-hour period, please, do not bring sick children to the pool and always use swim diapers with a child who is not potty-trained. Guests who are sick or ill (diarrhea, incontinent, vomiting) are asked to visit the facility after they have recovered from their illness. We want to keep all guests healthy and safe. Please make sure your children use the bathroom facilities during your stay at the pool.

For the protection of all our guests, the use of cameras, cell phone cameras, video recording devices and equipment with digital photography capability is prohibited in the bathroom/locker room area. Video recording and photography of any kind within the pool area must be approved by the Pool Manager.

City staff often take photographs or video of participants in our classes and at our special events. These images may be used in City publications, websites, Chandler Channel 11, local newspapers or other promotional and marketing materials. By registering yourself or your children for any of the programs or activities offered by the City, you agree to allow the use and publication of any photos and/or videos taken at any public program, event or facility of the City of Chandler.

You can also submit photos that you have taken (of City parks, recreation classes and activities, etc.) for publication in Break Time. Call 480-782-2910 for details. 

In the event Swim Lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather, an effort will be made to schedule a make-up day. If a make-up day is not available, then a prorated refund will be issued.

On a restricted basis, the City of Chandler allows customers to bring their own food and beverages into our facilities. As our guest, you have three options for consuming food and beverage at our aquatic facilities. You may:

  1. Bring your own food and beverages within the restrictions listed below.
  2. Utilize the on-site concessionaire.
  3. Use the vending machines, which are at select sites.

NOTE: This policy covers public swim hours only, it does not apply to private rentals.

  • No alcohol or glass containers are allowed.
  • One hard or soft-sided cooler per guest not to exceed 7” x 7” x 9” (six-pack size) in dimensions is allowed.
  • Briefcases, ice pack and cooler inserts are not permitted.
  • Food items must either fit within the cooler or brought in an 11” x 8” “brown bag or sack lunch bag. Bags exceeding the 11” x 8” dimensions are prohibited, no exceptions. Food in “brown bags” must be a single serving and/or snack type food.
  • Beverages not to exceed 32 ounces include:
    • Non-flavored/non-carbonated water in sealed, plastic bottles is preferred. However, other liquids (ice tea, coffee, soda) will be allowed.
    • Sealed, single-serving juice boxes or pouches.
    • Formula/baby food.
    • Items necessary for medical purposes.
  • Pizzas or pizza in boxes, fried chicken in boxes, party subs and other food items  (such as cupcakes, cakes, etc.) that cannot be placed in a “brown bag” or give the appearance of party-type food are prohibited.