Swim Lessons

From bubbles to the butterfly, Chandler Aquatics believes that swimming is a life skill and the best route towards lifelong water safety is learning how to swim correctly and confidently. Chandler Aquatics offers swim lessons throughout the year at its aquatic centers and pools. 

Starfish Swimming

Chandler Aquatics is excited to offer the Starfish Swimming program, which streamlines the learning process with an emphasis on water safety. Starfish Swimming focuses on self-recovery and stroke development through tangible milestones. Plus, registration is a breeze!

To keep it simple: pick a location, a time slot, and an age-based class. We will do the rest!



The streamlined registration process allows you more control over your preferred class time, and eliminates the need to determine which level is right for your swimmer.

There are three registration options:

  • Parent-Child: Children 6 to 36 months old, paired with a guardian
  • Swim & Stroke School: All children 2 ½ to 13 years old (must be potty-trained and independently follow directions in a class structure)
  • Teen/ Adult Beginner: Anyone 14 years of age and older

The City of Chandler Aquatics Program offers assistance to economically disadvantaged families who are interested in Chandler learn-to-swim opportunities. Learn more and apply for financial assistance.

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First Day and Beyond

Please try to show up 10-15 minutes early on your first day to expedite the check-in process

On the first day of class, swimmers will check in to their registered group. Swim and Stroke School students will be separated into smaller groups. Chandler Aquatics skilled instructors will do water assessments with each student, and assign them to a class with students of similar swimming abilities. Swimmers will continue the rest of the session in their designated class.

Starfish Swimming Classes

Introduce infants and toddlers to the water in this fun and interactive session! Parents/guardians are required to accompany their child in the water, and will learn water safety basics alongside their swimmer. Parents or guardians are taught effective techniques to tech their child how to float, submerge, move in the water, and roll over and breathe through songs and activities.

Swim & Stroke School is designed for swimmers of all skill levels- from beginner to seasoned swimmers. Participants will be grouped based off a swim evaluation that will take place on the first day of class. Swim school will lay the foundation of swimming and safety skills with a focus on self-rescue skills.

Stroke school is designed for swimmers of more advanced swimming ability and develops effective technique and endurance for freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.

Note: For non-swimmers placed in swim school, a Coast Guard-approved life jacket is recommended as a teaching resource.

Tailored curriculum for teens and adults with a wide range of skills. Participants are taught based off individual abilities, ranging from submersion to basic stroke mechanics. This class is offered at a 10:1 participant-to-instructor ratio, focusing on personalized goals.

Please visit our Starfish Swimming FAQ for more information.


Chandler Aquatics Swim Lesson Preview

Whether your child is new to the water or is a seasoned swimmer looking to improve technique, Chandler Aquatics has a class for you.