Jobs in Recreation

In Parks & Recreation, we work hard and play harder. It’s what makes us a world-class recreation division. Every employee is involved in the process. From park maintenance to lifeguards to recreation coordinators to instructors, great ideas come from all corners so that we deliver the best experiences to our community.


Become part of our fast-growing team where your unique talents will be appreciated.

Job seekers who attend can:

  • Learn about fresh and exciting jobs
  • Participate in on-site interviews
  • Connect with like-minded peers
  • Start and grow your career

Whatever your goals and passions are, we’ve got just the place for you to put your skills and smarts to work. 

The starting wage for Recreation Assistant positions is $20.52 per hour.

The starting wage for Recreation Aide positions is $17.27 per hour. 

These roles offer flexible hours and schedules and paid sick leave. All positions above are ongoing temporary part-time, can work up to 19 hours per week, and serve at the discretion of the department director. Funding for these positions is considered on a project or annual basis.

Recreation Leader I* positions are entry-level, and all are encouraged to apply. Recreation II positions require minimal related experience, a valid driver's license, and a high school diploma/GED. The City of Chandler follows minimum age requirements and restrictions for the employment of minors as set forth by state and federal law.


The City of Chandler will conduct a pre-employment DOT drug and alcohol test check as a condition of employment. An offer of employment is contingent upon acceptable results.

For Recreation Leader II positions, the City of Chandler will conduct a pre-employment MVRRS (Motor Vehicle Record Request System) check as a condition of employment. An offer of employment is contingent upon acceptable results.

Applicants for employment and volunteer opportunities should be aware of the City of Chandler’s policies concerning the use of drugs and alcohol.  These policies have not been altered by the passage of Proposition 207. The use of recreational marijuana is a violation of the City’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy.  A positive result for drugs tested under the policy, including recreational marijuana, may be grounds for withdrawal of an offer of employment or volunteer opportunity. 

The City of Chandler fingerprints all applicants selected for hire to evaluate the fitness of prospective employees. The examination process may vary if determined necessary.

The City of Chandler is committed to Equal Opportunity & Reasonable Accommodation