Become a Lifeguard

Lifeguard Recruiting Group

Being a lifeguard is not for the fainthearted. But it is an exciting career experience and Chandler Aquatics is extremely passionate about the safety of visitors and staff at all City pools. Come discover how you can become one of the best lifeguards around while working at a pool close to your home. 

Chandler Aquatics offers seasonal, year-round, full and part-time employment opportunities. Begin your aquatics career with us.

Being a lifeguard means you're trusted with the lives of others, so you'll need to be extremely responsible, attentive and patient. Long after your tan lines have faded you’ll still have lasting friendships with your Chandler Guard family. You’re a part of a community, where you keep people safe and every day you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Some may even call you a hero.


Step #1 Get Certified

One of the biggest steps to becoming a lifeguard or water safety instructor is getting certified. Our lifeguards must complete the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course to learn how to effectively prevent and respond to water emergencies. With our lifeguard training, you will learn life-saving skills that will prepare you to respond quickly in an emergency situation. Concerned about passing the prerequisites? Take our Lifeguard Prep Academy.

Water Safety Instructors teach swim courses to recreational swimmers of every age and ability. As an Instructor, you’ll need to also be certified as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. With our swim instructor training, you’ll learn how to help individuals enjoy their time safely in the water and how to evaluate swimmers’ progress.

Step # 2 Apply

Female Lifeguard

Anyone 15 years of age or older may apply. From teens to young adults, being a lifeguard is the best seasonal job. Lifeguard I Applicants must be enrolled or currently hold the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification. Applicants interested in Lifeguard II positions must also be enrolled or currently hold the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification. Not quite old enough to be a lifeguard? Join our Junior Lifeguard Program.