Water Conservation 

Chandler is dedicated to proactive water management to ensure a sustainable water supply into the future. Chandler's smart water management through infrastructure investment, diverse water supplies, water reuse, drought preparation and water conservation has allowed the City to prosper in our desert setting.  Even though the City can meet the water needs of our residents and businesses, prioritizing water conservation is more important than ever.

Chandler is committed to educating and instilling a water conservation ethic within our community. For four decades, Chandler has encouraged water conservation through ordinances, education and conservation programs. 



Calculator Icon: Calculate Your Household Water Use

Calculate Your Household Water Use

Worried you are using too much water? Not sure where to start? Calculate your household water needs and compare the results with your actual water use.

Rebates & Incentives Icon

Rebates & Incentives

Chandler offers indoor water conservation kits and rebates for removing grass, installing low-water use landscapes, or installing a smart irrigation controller.

Find & Fix Leaks Icon: Learn How to Find & Fix Leaks

Learn How to Find & Fix Leaks

Household leaks waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. Find and fix leaks inside and outside to save thousands of gallons of water.

Leaf Icon: Water Wise Tips for Your Yard

Water Wise Tips for Your Yard

The average household uses most of their water outdoors? Check out our Guide to Watering Grass, Trees & Shrubs and learn how to maintain a water-saving yard. 

Brochure Icon: Free Water Conservation Brochures

Free Water Conservation Brochures

The City of Chandler Water Conservation office provides free literature to help you conserve water. Review digitally or request hard copy delivery to your home.

Water Drop Icon: Schedule a Water Wise Site Visit

Schedule a Water Efficiency Site Visit

Chandler’s Water Conservation offers free site visits for residents, HOAs, multi-family complexes and commercial businesses to help improve water efficiency.

File Icon: Water Waste Report Form

Water Waste Report Form

Report water leaks or overwatering for investigation.

Icon: Landscaping and Irrigation Workshops

Water-Wise Workshops

Looking for ways to be water efficient and have a successful landscape or garden in the Sonoran Desert? Attend these free workshops.

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