Water Conservation Rebates & Incentive Programs

Chandler’s rebate programs have helped residents, businesses and HOAs permanently reduce water use for more than three decades. Effective October 1, you will be able to save even more with our recently approved rebate changes. Active utility account holders can apply online to take advantage of these great programs.

The City of Chandler offers rebates for replacing grass lawns with xeriscape (low water use) landscapes, installing smart controllers, and water-efficient technologies. Chandler also offers Water Conservation Kits to residential customers.

Residential Grass Removal Rebate

Save up to $3,000 for replacing grass with a low-water-use landscape. This rebate is increasing to $2 per square feet of grass removed (formerly $0.20/sq. ft. of grass removed).

Residential Smart Controller Rebate

Save up to $250 by installing a smart controller to water your landscape. This rebate can now be applied for once every 5 years.

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(Multi-family, Homeowner Association & Commercial)

Large Landscape Grass Removal Rebate

Save up to $75,000 for replacing grass with low water use landscape. This is a new program designed to target grass removal in large landscapes. This program will assist multi-family, homeowner associations, and commercial customers with large landscape conversions. The new program will reimburse 25% of the project costs, plus an additional incentive of $3/sq. ft. for the removal of non-functional grass that will yield higher water savings.

Large Landscape Smart Controller Rebate            

Save up to $3,000 to install up to five individual controllers or one central control system with at least 100 stations. This program reimburses 50% of the cost up to $3,000 (formerly 50% up to $1,250 for 5 controllers).             

Water Efficient Technology Rebate         

Save up to $10,000 to install water-efficient technologies that utilize high-resolution data monitoring and system operation alerts/notifications designed to reduce water use (e.g. irrigation systems, cooling towers, water treatment systems). This rebate reimburses 50% of the technology costs up to $10,000.

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Plumbing codes in the early 1990s began requiring water conservation fixtures for new homes.

To help Chandler residents whose homes were built prior to the improved standards, Chandler offers free water conservation retrofit kits. The kits contain water conservation fixtures including a water-saving showerhead and three faucet aerators. There is also a toilet displacement bag and a fill cycle diverter.

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