Multi-Family & Commercial Trash Services

Recycling is a community affair! To serve residents living in a townhouse, patio home or a multi-family community with four or more units, or businesses who do not have in-house recycling, Chandler has one recycling drop-off site.

The Code of the City of Chandler specifies that the City provides trash and recycling collection service to residential customers residing in single family homes, duplex and tri-plex units.

Properties of four units and larger and other commercial properties must use an approved, City-permitted commercial hauler for trash and recycling collection.

For information about waste haulers, some of who provide recycling collection, call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510 or click on the link below:

Solid Waste staff is always happy to assist multi-family communities and businesses by conducting in-house waste audits to determine specific materials and needs for incorporating recycling onsite.

For property owners or property management companies interested in providing recycling collection Solid Waste Services recommends checking with your private waste hauler to inquire about recycling collection service first.

Multi-family complexes of four (4) or more units, and businesses are defined as commercial establishments. Commercial establishments must seek collection services provided by a private waste hauler who is permitted to serve customers in Chandler.