Chandler Airport Pilots & Tenants

Pilot inspecting airplaneChandler Municipal Airport (CHD) is located 18 miles southeast of Sky Harbor International Airport and is an excellent alternative for corporate aircraft. 330 days of sunshine and mild climate also make us a hub for aviation enthusiasts.

Chandler Municipal Airport has continued to improve its facilities to make it one of the top general aviation airfield complexes in the Southwest. More than $8 million has been spent in the last fibr years on improvement projects.

Chandler Municipal Airport provides essential aviation services such as:




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    Hours of Operation

    Airport hours: Open 24 hours day / airside
    Terminal Office hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, except on holidays
    Tower hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

    Important numbers

    Airport Traffic Control Tower: 480-917-8005
    AWOS: 480-814-9952
    Airport Administration: 480-782-3540
    Terminal Flight Planning Room: 480-782-3546
    Chandler Air Service (FBO): 480-963-6420
    Chandler Tourism: 480-782-3037

    FAA Identifier: CHD

    Airport Facility Information:
    33-16-08.8000N / 111-48-40.0000W
    33-16.146667N / 111-48.666667W
    33.2691111 / -111.8111111 (estimated)

    1243 ft. / 378.9 m

    Runway Length:
    RUNWAY 4R/22L
    4,870' x 75', asphalt, S-30, REILS, PAPI (P4L), MIRL
    RUNWAY 4L/22R
    4,401' x 75', asphalt, S-30, PAPI (P4L), MIRL

    H1 55' x 55'

    Airport Communications

    CTAF 126.1
    UNICOM 122.95
    ATIS 128.325
    WX AWOS-3 Phone: 480-814-9952
    CHANDLER GROUND 124.4 [0600-2100]
    CHANDLER TOWER 126.1 ARR N & W 126.1 DEP R Y 04L/22R 133.1 ARR S & E 133.1 DEP R Y 04R/22L [0600-2100]
    WX AWOS-3 at IWA (8 nm E) 133.5; Phone: 480-988-9428
    WX AWOS-3 at PHX (14 nm NW) Phone: 602-231-8557
    WX AWOS-3 at CGZ (19 nm S) 132.175; Phone: 520-836-3392

    Nearby Radio Navigation Aids

    VOR Radial/Distance VOR Name Freq Var
    IWAr243/8.3 WILLLIE VORTAC 113.30 13E
    PXRr129/12.7 PHOENIX VORTAC 115.60 12E
    TFDr000/23.5 STANFIELD VORTAC 114.80 12E
    NDB Name Hdg/Dist Freq Var ID  
    CHANDLER at field 407 12E CHD -.-. .... -..
    FALCON FIELD 187/12.2 281 12E FFZ ..-. ..-. --..
    SCOTTSDALE 155/22.1 224 12E SDL ... -.. .-..

    Aircraft Parking

    City-owned hangars and t-shades are currently at 100 percent occupancy. Waiting lists have been established to fill hangars & shades as they become available. Contact the airport office for further information or to apply for the waiting list at 480-782-3540. View additional aircraft storage information, including leases and wait lists. Remember the speed limit on the airport is 15 MPH.


    Transient Overnight Parking Fee provided by Chandler Air Service.