Aircraft Storage

City-owned hangars and covered tie-downs are currently at 100 percent occupancy. Waiting lists have been established to fill hangars & shades as they become available. Contact the airport office for further information or to apply for the waiting list at 480-782-3540. View the Hangar & T-Shade wait lists.

There also are more than 125 private hangars on the airport that periodically become available. Visit or drop by the pilot's lounge to view the bulletin board.

For your convenience, you may fill out the agreement online through the links below or you may pick up a copy at the Airport.

These documents must be returned in person. Please be prepared to show the following :

  • Aircraft certificate of registration (or proof of ownership if you are a builder)
  • Government issued photo ID
  • Articles of incorporation (if your current lease or aircraft is in a business name)

In most cases, registration and photo ID will be sufficient. However, in our effort to maintain proper records and ensure compliance, you may be asked to provide further supporting documentation.

Current Pricing Tie-Down

Monthly tie-down Parking Fee
Single Engine or Helicopter: $50 
Twin Engine: $68
Turbine: $138

Transient Overnight Parking* managed by Chandler Air Service
Phone: 480-963-6420

Transient spaces are identified in yellow, east of the base of the Air Traffic Control Tower.

*Please note, if you are staying more than five days, it is more cost effective to sign a temporary tie-down lease with Airport Administration, as we have the ability to pro-rate the monthly fee.