Bail, Sanctions and Civil Fines

Listed below are violation codes with sanction amounts as shown. Mandatory state surcharges are already included.

For a violation that is a criminal offense, you must see a Judge as indicated below. If you fail to appear in court on a criminal violation, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you fail to appear or pay the sanction on civil violations, a default judgment for the sanctioned amount plus an additional default amount of $50 will be imposed and your driving privileges will be suspended. The entire sanction is due the day the court imposes the sentence.

Violations indicated in BOLD are eligible for the Defensive Driving Program. Italics indicate that the violation is a criminal offense and you must see a Judge.

C1M: Class 1 Misdemeanor | C2M: Class 2 Misdemeanor | C3M: Class 3 Misdemeanor 

Schedule Effective Jan. 1, 2019

Violation Code Description  Fine Amount
28-448A No Change of Address on license/registration: Proof of address correction provided to the Court on or before court date-sanction may be reduced.  $181.80
28-622A (C2M) Failure to comply with a police officer MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-644A1  Obey traffic control device $237.35
28-644A2 Driving in a gore area $237.35
28-645A1A  Green light violation $237.35
28-645A1B Green Arrow $237.35
28-645A2B  Pedestrian cross on yellow $151.50
28-645A3D Pedestrian cross on red  $151.50
28-645A3A Red Light Violation; Upon MVD's receipt of conviction for violation of this charge, MVD will order you to attend and successfully complete Traffic Survival School.  $262.60
28-645A3B Fail to yield right on red $262.60
28-645A3C Illegal left turn on red $262.60
28-645B Fail to stop correctly at traffic control $262.60
28-646A1 Driver Violation of Pedestrian Signal $237.35
28-646A2  Don't Walk Signal  $151.50
28-646B Walk Signal  $151.50
28-647.1 Flashing Red Signal; Upon MVD's receipt of conviction for violation of this charge, MVD will order you to attend and successfully complete Traffic Survival School.  $262.60
28-648 & 28-648A Unauthorized Signs $181.80
28-648A1 Display of Unauthorized Sign like official sign $181.80
28-648A2 Display of Unauthorized sign to direct traffic $181.80
28-648A3 Display of Unauthorized sign hiding official sign $181.80
28-648B Place Commercial AD on Traffic Sign/Signal $181.80
25-649 Alter Control Device $181.80
28-649A Interference w/traffic device $181.80
28-650 Warning at work site $181.80
28-651 Use Private Property to avoid device $237.35
28-672A (C1M) Accident-Serious physical injury/death MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-694A Wrong-way Driving; Upon MVD's receipt of conviction for violation of this charge, MVD will order you to attend and successfully complete Traffic Survival School.  $972.13
28-701A Speed Violation/Failure to Control Speed  
0-19 mph over Speed Violation/Failure to Control Speed $252.50
20-29 mph over Speed Violation/Failure to Control Speed $318.15
30-39 mph over Speed Violation/Failure to Control Speed $388.85
40+ over Speed Violation/Failure to Control Speed $540.35
28-701E Speed Less than reasonable/prudent $237.35
28-701.02A1 (C3M) Excess speed in a school zone MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-701.02A2 (C3M) Excessive speed MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-701.02A3 (C3M) Speed over 85 MPH MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-704-28-704A&C Driving Too Slow/Impeding Traffic $237.35
28-705 Excess Speed-Motor Driven Cycle $237.35
28-7053A1 Places obstruction on highway/airport $237.35
28-7053A5 Knowingly places vehicle parked within highway $237.35
28-7056A Dumping trash on highways/airports $237.35
28-706A Drive rubber tire/10 MPH $237.35
28-706B Unsafe speed on bridge $237.35
28-721A Drive left of center $237.35
28-721B Right side roadway $237.35
28-722 Passing Vehicle $237.35
28-723.1  Overtaking on left $237.35
28-724A Pass on right $237.35
28-724B Overtaking on right $237.35
28-725 Drive left of center $237.35
28-726A1 & 28-726A3 Left side of the roadway $237.35
28-726A2 Left of center/intersection $237.35
28-727 No passing zones $237.35
28-728B One-Way Road Violation $237.35
28-728C One-Way Road $237.35
28-729.1-3 Laned Roadways $237.35
28-730A Following too close $237.35
28-730B Truck too close $237.35
28-730C Following too closely in Caravan $237.35
28-731 Divided Highways $237.35
28-732 Restricted Access $237.35
28-733B Failure to obey access restriction signs $237.35
28-734 Drive through safety zone $237.35
(Civil Violation)
Overtaking bicycle not in safety MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-737A HOV Lane Restriction  $452.99
28-751.1 Right turn position $237.35
28-751.2 Left turn position  $237.35
28-751.3 Lane direction arrows $237.35
28-751.4A&B Position for turn $237.35
28-752 Turn on curve/crest $237.35
28-753 Start parked vehicle $237.35
28-754A Failure to signal turn $237.35
28-754B Fail to signal intent to turn $237.35
28-754C Fail to signal intent to stop $237.35
28-755 Failure to use turn signals $237.35
28-771A&C Yield right of way $262.60
28-772 Yield on left turn $262.60
28-773 Yield from stop sign $262.60
28-774 Yield from private road $262.60
28-775A1&A2 Yield to emergency vehicle $262.60
28-775A3 Fail to stop/emergency vehicle $262.60
28-775B Follow fire truck < 500 FT $262.60
28-775D1 Yield emergency vehicle approach $262.60
28-775E Yield to stationary emergency vehicle $262.60
28-775E1 Lane change for stationary emergency vehicle $262.60
28-775E2 Slow for stationary emergency vehicle $262.60
28-776A&B Yield to funeral $262.60
28-792 Yield to Pedestrian $237.35
28-793A&B Pedestrian yield to vehicle $151.50
28-793C Pedestrian cross walk $151.50
28-794 No due care/avoid pedestrian $237.35
28-796A Pedestrian use Sidewalk $151.50
28-796B Pedestrian walk left  $151.50
28-796C Soliciting ride  $151.50
28-797F Speeding/School Zone  
1-6 mph over Speeding/School Zone $191.90
7-10 mph over Speeding/School Zone $237.35
11-15 mph over Speeding/School Zone $272.70
16+ mph over  Speeding/School Zone $303.00
28-797G Fail to Stop for Pedestrian in School Crossing $237.35
28-797H School Zone  
1-6 mph over School Zone $247.45
7-10 mph over School Zone $313.10
11-15 mph over School Zone $373.70
16+ mph over  School Zone $419.15
28-797I Fail to Stop for Pedestrian in School Crossing $247.45
28-813A Regular bike seat $151.50
28-813B One on bike $151.50
28-814 Clinging to vehicles $151.50
28-815A Bicycle on right $151.50
28-815B Bike single file $151.50
28-815D Bicycle Path $237.35
28-816  Carrying Articles $151.50
28-817A Bicycle lamps $151.50
28-817B Bicycle siren $151.50
28-817C Bicycle brakes $151.50
28-851A Stop at railroad crossing $237.35
28-851B Under or thru RR crossing/barrier $237.35
28-852 Stop/RR crossing $237.35
28-853A Stop/RR crossing bus/cargo $237.35
28-854A1 No notice/heavy equipment/RR grade $237.35
28-854A2A Fail stop/heavy equipment/RR grade $237.35
28-854A2B Fail look/heavy equipment/RR grade $237.35
28-854A3 Unsafe crossing/heavy equipment at RR $237.35
28-854B Fail to obey signal/RR grade $237.35
28-855B Stop Sign $237.35
28-855C Stop/Yield sign $237.35
28-856.1 Stop required/Alley/Driveway $237.35
28-856.2 Yield to Pedestrian/Alley/Driveway $237.35
28-856.3 Fail to yield from Alley/Driveway $237.35
28-857A1 (Civil Violation) Fail to Stop/School Bus Stop Sign $542.88
28-858 Yield to Animals $237.35
28-891A Unsafe Backing $237.35
28-892 Riding on Motorcycle $181.80
28-893A&B Obstruction of View $181.80
28-894  Driving on Mountain Highways $237.35
28-895A&B Coasting $237.35
28-896 Trailer to sway $237.35
28-897 Crossing Fire House $237.35
28-898A Placing an Object on Road $237.35
28-898B Fail to remove Hazardous, Material dropped on Road $237.35
28-898C Tow Truck Driver Fail to Remove Debris $237.35
28-903A Deprive Motorcycle of Lane $237.35
28-903B Motorcycle-No Passing Lane $237.35
28-903C Motorcycle-No Operating Lane $237.35
28-903D Motorcycle-No Three Abreast $237.35
28-904A Driving on Sidewalk $237.35
28-905 Open/Close Vehicle Doors $181.80
28-906 Mechanical Raising and Lowering Devices $181.80
28-907A Child Restraint $181.80
28-907B Booster Seat $181.80
28-909A1 Lap and Shoulder Belt Required $111.10
28-909A2 Lap Belt Required $111.10
28-909B Failure to Wear Seat Belts $111.10
28-921A1A Operate Unsafe Vehicle  $181.80
28-921A1B Vehicle Missing Required Equipment $181.80
28-921A1C Illegally Equipped Vehicle  $181.80
28-921A2 Not Comply With Equipment Requirements $181.80
28-922 Drive Without Lights $181.80
28-924A thru 924C Headlamps-Headlamps Motorcycle $181.80
28-925A Red Tail Lamps Required $181.80
28-925B Improper Height of Tail Lamps $181.80
28-925C License Plate Lamp $181.80
28-926A1 Two Red Reflectors in Rear on New Vehicle $181.80
28-926A2 New Motorcycle; One Red Rear Reflector $181.80
28-927 Stop Lamp Required $181.80
28-929.4D No Working Brake Lights $181.80
28-930B Improper Use of Flashing Light on School Bus $181.80
28-931A Amber Reflectors $181.80
28-931B Red Rear Reflectors $181.80
28-931C1 Improper Stop/Signal Lamp Color $181.80
28-931C2 Improper Color Backing or License Plate $181.80
28-932A Improper Reflector Height  $181.80
28-932D Improper Lamp Mounting $181.80
28-933A No Clearance Lights $181.80
28-933B No Warning Devices $181.80
28-933C No Side Markers $181.80
28-935A&B No Flag on Load $181.80
28-936B Fail to Display Lamps on Parked Vehicle $181.80
28-936C Fail to Dim Lamp on Parked Vehicle  $181.80
28-937 No Lamps-Other Vehicles $181.80
28-938.4 Improper Auxiliary Driving Lamp(s) $181.80
28-939A1 Stop Lamp Color $181.80
28-939A2 Signal Lamp Color $181.80
28-939B Stop Lamp Visible $181.80
28-939B1 Stop Lamp Not Working Right $181.80
28-939B2 Stop Lamp Gives Glaring Light $181.80
28-939C No Signal Devices $181.80
28-940.1 Improper Side Cowl or Fender Lamp  $181.80
28-940.2 Improper Running Board Light $181.80
28-940.3 Improper Backup Lamps $181.80
28-941.1 Upper/Lower Headlamp $181.80
28-941.2 No Covering Headlight/Lower $181.80
28-941.3 No Hi Beam Indicator/New Vehicle $181.80
28-941.3A High Beam Indicator Malfunction $181.80
28-941.3B Improper High Beam Indicator Visibility $181.80
28-941.4 Headlight Cover $181.80
28-942.1 & 2 No Multiple Beam Lights $181.80
28-944.1 Improper Motorcycle Head Lamp Intensity $181.80
28-945 No Use Alternate Lights $181.80
28-946A No Two Driving Lamps $181.80
28-946B Too Many Lights on Vehicle at Night $181.80
28-947A Improperly Aimed Lighting Device $181.80
28-947B Red/Blue Lights to Front $181.80
28-947C Unlawful Flashing Lights $181.80
28-947D Improper Vehicle Warning Light $181.80
28-947E Motorcycle Headlamp Intensity $181.80
28-949C Improperly Mounted Headlamps $181.80
28-652A1 Adequate Brakes Required $181.80
28-652A2 Motorcycle Brakes Required $181.80
28-952A3-4 & 28-952C No Brake Equipment $181.80
28-954A/28-954B Horn/Fail to Use Horn Properly $181.80
28-954C Unlawful Siren/Bell/Whistle $181.80
28-955.01A Improper Muffler on Motorcycle $292.90
28-955A Operating Muffler $292.90
28-955B Unlawful Muffler Cutout/Bypass $292.90
28-955C Excessive Exhaust Fumes/Smoke $292.90
28-955D No Emissions $292.90
28-956 Mirrors $181.80
28-957.01A Windshield Required on Vehicle $181.80
28-957A No Windshield Wipers as Required $181.80
28-957B Windshield Wipers Not Working $181.80
28-958.01A No Splash Guards $181.80
28-958.01B1 Rear Fender Splash Guard Violation $181.80
28-958.01B2 Rear Fender Splash Guard Too High $181.80
28-958.01B3 Rear Fender Splash Guard Too Narrow $181.80
28-958.01B4 Rear Fender Splash Guard/Side Throw $181.80
28-958.01B6 Rear Fender Splash Guard/Attach Violation $181.80
28-958A Equipment Tire Restriction $181.80
28-958B Improper Tires $181.80
28-959.01B Improper Materials Window/Windshield $181.80
28-959.01C Window Tint Violation $181.80
28-959A Sell Without Approved Safety Glass $181.80
28-960B Danger Cargo/Equipment $181.80
28-961A2A Improper In-Lane Warning Device $181.80
28-963B TV Image to Driver with Vehicle in Motion $181.80
28-964A Eye Protection/Helmet $181.80
28-964B Improper Seat/Footrests/Mirror $181.80
28-964C Handlebars Over 15" $181.80
28-965 Gas Cap $181.80
28-981A1 Vehicle Equipment Not in Working Order $181.80
28-981A2 Unsafe Vehicle on Highway $181.80
28-983C Failure to Comply with Repair Order $181.80
28-1108A Improper Space Between Towed Vehicle $181.80
28-1108B White Flag Required on Tow $181.80
28-1108D No DPS Tow Truck Permit $181.80
28-2008 Fail to Get Duplicate Plates $181.80
28-2058A2B Fail to Transfer Title in 30 Days $181.80
28-2060A Fail to Transfer Registration within 30 Days $181.80
28-2060B Fail to Transfer Title in 30 Days $181.80
28-2152A (C2M) Register to Avoid Emissions Control MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-2152C Registration in a County Other than Residence $181.80
28-2153A No Current Vehicle Registration $181.80
28-2158C Registration not in Possession: Proof of valid registration on the vehicle on the date the complaint was issued; sanction may be reduced. $181.80
28-2321A (C2M) Fail to Register Foreign Business Vehicle MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-2324D (C2M) Fail to Display Non-Resident Registration MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-2322 Foreign Plate Requirement Violation $181.80
28-2354A1 No Rear License Plate as Required $181.80
28-2354A2 No Rear or Front/Rear License Plate as Required $181.80
28-2354A3 Fail to Display Handicap Plate $181.80
28-2354B Fail to Display Legible Plate $181.80
28-2354C Improper Display of License Plate $90.90
28-2354D License Plate Cover Violation $181.80
28-2532A Expired Registration: Provide proof of current registration for a reduced sanction. $632.77
28-2533A Resident With Out of State Plate $632.77
28-3151A No Valid Driver License $181.80
28-3154B1 No Instruction Permit in Possession $181.80
28-3154B2 No Adult Beside Permittee $181.80
28-3155B1 No Driver Training Permit $181.80
28-3155B2 Driving Outside Permitted Area $181.80
28-3155B3 Driver Training Permit/No Instructor Present  $181.80
28-3156B No Motorcycle Permit in Possession $181.80
28-3156C1 Motorcycle Permit/Control Highway $181.80
28-3156C2 Motorcycle Permit/Daylight Violation $181.80
28-3157B & 28-3169A Temporary Driver Permit/Driver License not in Possession: Citation is dismissed upon proof of driver license valid on the date of the violation. $181.80
28-3473A (C1M) Drive with Driver License Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-3474 (C2M) Permit Unauthorized Minor to Drive MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-3475 Permit Unauthorized Person to Drive $181.80
28-3480A (C2M) Operation in Violation of Restriction MUST SEE A JUDGE
28-3480B Violation Restriction (Glasses) $181.80
28-3482A Drive With Driver License Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled $303.00

No Mandatory Insurance: If you provide proof showing that you or the vehicle involved was insured on the DATE and TIME the complaint was issued, the charge will be dismissed. If  you are found responsible, the penalty includes both a fine and a suspension of your driver license and registration on the vehicle involved unless the penalty is mitigated.

To be eligible for mitigation, you must show:                                                                                                          1. A copy of your driving record from MVD, which shows no convictions of 28-4135 within the past 24 months OR not more than one conviction within the past 36 months and,                                                     2. A six-month policy of insurance covering you to drive. 

28-4135A No Mandatory Insurance  $1,005,71
28-4135B&C No Mandatory Insurance  $992.33
28-4139A Display Plate Suspended for Financial Responsibility $542.88


Violation Description Fine Amount
12-2.1 Speeding in Alley $181.80
12-2.2 Getting On/Off Vehicle in Motion $181.80
12-2.3 Ride on Vehicle Not for Passengers $181.80
12-3.1 Drive on Vacant Lot $181.80
12-6.2 Pedestrian Stopped in Roadway $151.50


Violation Description Fine Amount
12-3.2 Park on Private Property without Permission $146.45
12-4.4 Parking not to Impede Traffic $146.45
12-4.5 Parking for Display of Sale $146.45
12-4.6 Parking Oversized Vehicles $146.45
IFC 503.4 Parking in Fire Lane $217.15
IFC 507.5.4 Parking 3' of Fire Hydrant $217.15
28-884A Parking in Handicapped Parking Zone-If proof of valid placard shown-sanction may be reduced. $217.15
12-4.7 Parking for Physically Disabled $217.15
28-2153A-PARKING No Current Vehicle Registration  $75.75
28-871A Parked on Roadway $75.75
28-873.A14 No Parking Zone $75.75
28-876A Illegal Park in Space for Electric Vehicle $655.49