Jury Duty

Frequently asked questions about the administration at the Chandler Municipal Courts.

Your request must be put into writing and there will be a research fee of $17.00 that will need to be paid before the court can begin the research (A.R.S. 22-404B). The court will then research the court documents/records for your request. Records Request Form.

Follow the instructions that are on your summons form. You may also contact the Jury Commissioner's Office at 602-372-5879.

You may request one postponement of your service for up to 120 days. This can be done by calling the Jury Commissioner's Office at 602-372-5879.

Please call the Jury Commissioner's Office at 602-372-5879. Excuses are not granted on the basis of religion or moral beliefs, status or business proprietors, or profession. Excuses may be granted for those who do not read, write or understand English and for those who suffer from a severe physical or mental illness.

The law states (A.R.S. Section 21-236) that an employer shall not refuse to permit an employee to take leave of absence from employment for the purpose of serving as a juror or dismiss an employee because of juror service. However, an employer is not required by law to pay employee's their regular salary or wage when on jury service. Please check you employer's policy.