Water Conservation Retrofit Kit

Retrofit Kits

Plumbing codes in the early 1990s began requiring water conservation fixtures for new homes. To help Chandler residents whose homes were built prior to the improved standards, Chandler offers free water conservation retrofit kits. The kits contain water conservation fixtures including a water-saving showerhead and three faucet aerators. There is also a toilet displacement bag and a fill cycle diverter.


Homes built prior to 1992, can save water:

  • WaterSense showerheads save approximately 2,900 gallons a year. That’s enough water to wash 71 loads of laundry.
  • WaterSense bathroom faucets save over six gallons in five minutes. The average bathroom faucet uses 2.2 gallons of water every minute. The aerators included in the retrofit kit use 1.0 gallons per minute. Aerators mix air and water to create a steady stream without compromising performance.
  • Toilet displacement bags and fill cycle diverters save ½ gallon of water each with every flush. Together you can save up to one gallon with every flush. That’s nearly 2,900 gallons a year for a family of four.


Request a Conservation Retrofit Kit 

  • The home must have been built prior to 1992.
  • The home should not have undergone plumbing renovations. The retrofit kit items are designed to work best with high water-using fixtures and may interfere with the proper operation of fixtures already engineered to use less water.
  • Conservation Retrofit Kits are available while supplies last. 

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