Water Conservation Resources for Businesses and HOAs

Let the City of Chandler assist your neighborhoods in water conservation efforts through an inspection of the community irrigation system, conducting a water budget evaluation or speaking at an HOA meeting. Or simple review articles that provide tips for planning, pruning, landscaping in an effort to reduce water use. The City's Water Conservation Office can help answer many questions associated with landscape water consumption and maintenance. We offer non-biased, research-based information that could help streamline your budget and save your community money.


An on-site inspection of your community's irrigation system may lead to the discovery of leaks, broken valves, blocked spray heads, and uneven sprinkler coverage.

HOA audits conducted save an average of 462,000 gallons in the first year post audit. If weather based "Smart" controllers are installed, the average annual water savings per controller is 682,000 gallons.

To get started, contact a Water Conservation Specialist at 480-782-3589.

This FREE program is designed to encourage large landscape communities to save water while maintaining a thriving landscape. Instead of receiving spreadsheets of data to sift through to view water efficiencies, this program provides that information and more, in an easy to navigate dashboard. The dashboard is updated monthly with water use data that can be viewed at any time.

Have multiple sites in Chandler? You can have all your sites in the one dashboard to watch their watering progress.

Large Landscape Water Efficiency Program

A Landscape Water Evaluation (Water Budget) will identify if water is being over or under applied based on the selection of plants and/or turf in your common areas. Many communities over water - some by a little but some by as much as 40 percent.

Our water budget spreadsheets compute water usage based on the actual water needs for the various types of landscape plants in the community, including turf, for each month of the year. It generates the cost of the water based on Chandler water rates and shows the results in gallons, dollars and easy-to-read graphs. Your community may realize a significant cost savings just by adjusting their irrigation scheduling and still have a lush-looking landscape.

Changes made after following recommendations from water budgets result in estimated savings of 1,141,000 gallons annually for each HOA.

To get started, contact a Water Conservation Specialist at 480-782-3589.

Our staff members are available to speak at homeowner association meetings or to groups of residents. They have experience and training in areas of irrigation and plant care and carry credentials such as Certified Arborist, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Smartscape Certified and Certified Master Gardener and are continually attending trainings and workshops in order to provide the latest technology and information to the public.

They can provide guidelines on ways to save money on water costs and streamline your landscape maintenance budget, plus a whole lot more. Topics include turf care, pruning, plant selection, and irrigation efficiency and maintenance.

To get started, contact a Water Conservation Coordinator at 480-782-3583.

Did you know that plants that are pruned too frequently require more water? Most shrubs only require semi-annual maintenance if not overwatered. We can provide a recommended pruning schedule based on the types of plants in your landscape. This not only may save water costs, but maintenance fees as well. Our certified arborist is available to assist you.

Business Specific Conservation

Industrial, commercial and institutional customers are vital for the economy of Chandler. The Water Conservation office is committed to help these customers improve their water use efficiency.

Business and industry customers in Chandler use about 3.6 billion gallons of water per year, or about 20 percent of the water used by all Chandler water customers.

Those business or industrial customers who have chosen to actively engage conservation strategies have seen very high returns on their investment. They continue to reap these savings year after year with very little additional ongoing cost once the investment is made. If you want your business to remain competitive in the marketplace, contact the Water Conservation Office and find out how your business might be able to cut its water and sewer costs by implementing water conservation projects.

The Water Conservation Office offers several free services to its commercial customers. Free interior and exterior water audits may help show opportunities where water can be saved.

The Facility Manager’s Guide was developed to provide guidance to customers with water management programs and offers specific step-by-step instructions and suggestions on how to create and implement a program at your facility.

Facility Manager’s Guide