Reclaimed Water

In a desert, water is an especially valuable resource, yet in Chandler you see lots of green grass, lakes, fountains and golf courses! That's because the City of Chandler has been conserving water for years by recycling it. We use "reclaimed" water to fill lakes and irrigate crops, landscaping and turf.

reclaimed water signReclaimed water is the product of state-of-the-art treatment processes that clean wastewater from your kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and sinks. Impurities are removed through screening, biological treatment and settling. The water is then filtered, and to provide the highest levels of protection, disinfected with either ultraviolet light or chlorine. Tests show that reclaimed water is much cleaner than the water found in many rivers and canals.

While you can't drink or swim in the reclaimed water - it's a safe and vital part of Chandlers' Water Conservation effort, conserving our valuable drinking water supply. So, using reclaimed water is good news for Chandler and keeps an important resource from going down the drain for good.

How do you recognize the areas that utilize reclaimed water? Look for the purple valve boxes, sprinkler heads and signs to know that you're enjoying an area that is making good use of our precious resource rather than letting it go down the drain for good.

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