Water Conservation Resources for Teachers

When we asked our community what was most important to them concerning conservation, the response was clear - teach our youngest citizens how to save water early. Whether you teach from home or within a school you can use our engaging and interactive resources to teach your students about the importance of water conservation.

Chandler offers several programs to schools and teachers including giving you resources to organize an assembly, hosting students at our Annual Make a Splash Water Festival or providing supplemental curriculum for you to use. We appreciate your dedication to teaching our students about water conservation.

Students at Chandler schools have the option to participate in a youth water education program from the Water Conservation Office focusing on Chandler’s water supply and water conservation in the valley. Students will learn the importance of water conservation in the desert through an interactive sing-along assembly. This free school assembly is designed for grades 1st – 3rd.

Activity books coming in 2024. Once the workbooks are printed, teachers will receive free workbooks for every student. The workbooks are customized to meet state curriculum guidelines in reading, mathematics, science, and geography including activities for different skill levels. Teachers and parents are encouraged to help students work through the pages and discuss what they have learned.

Your school may schedule one or two presentations with a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 150 students per show. The show is around 30 - 40 minutes. The presenters arrive 60 minutes prior to start time to set up equipment and get into character.

To schedule a show, please contact, Owen Daly-Forseth with the Environmental Education Exchange, call 520-670-1442. Availability is limited, call now to schedule an assembly for your school.

Water in Our Desert Community

Water in Our Desert Community: An activities book for Grades 6-9 that will strengthen the students’ awareness of the social, economic, and environmental impact of water including:

  • The Properties and Importance of Water
  • History of Water in Arizona
  • Local Water Resources
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Users
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Problems and Issues

To obtain a free copy, please contact the City of Chandler Water Conservation Office call 480-782-3580.

Water Education Information and Curriculum Resources 

External resources can be used to supplement learning and give additional information on specific conservation topics.