Amenities for RC plane pilots at Thude Park

Aug. 7, 2019
| by:
Vice Mayor Terry Roe

It has long been a part of Chandler’s vision to offer a variety of parks and open spaces to improve the quality of life for our residents. Each park and open space is filled with amenities catering to the surrounding demographics and providing unique experiences that define Chandler.

I am passionate about finding ways to enhance these spaces. Thude Park draws people from all over the Valley to enjoy recreational and competitive RC plane flying. I noticed the pilot and spectator area at Thude could use the addition of vital elements to improve the experience. I sponsored a $20,000 budget amendment to enhance the shaded area for pilots and onlookers. It is our responsibility to provide fun and engaging opportunities for our residents to enjoy our beautiful community. The upgrades should be completed in time for cooler weather in fall of 2019.