AZ City Week: Mayor and Council

Oct. 21, 2021
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Communications and Public Affairs

Cities and towns in Arizona work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver vital services such as first responder response, essential infrastructure and services for businesses and residents, and programs to enhance the lives of residents to ensure safe communities.

The past six days, the City of Chandler has participated in Arizona Cities and Towns Week where we have highlighted different areas that make up the City of Chandler—from our parks to public safety and on the last day, our elected officials.

We asked the Mayor and City Council why they decided to run for office. Here are their responses:

Mayor Hartke

“I passionately embrace all things Chandler and have the desire, drive and knowledge to lead and represent this great community. My life experiences have prepared me to understand the role, integrity and sacred trust of serving a city and after nine years on Council, I knew my next adventure was to become Mayor.” 

Vice Mayor Stewart

“I ran for Council because I felt like it was important for everyday people to serve in a way that allows them to capitalize on their strengths.  I believe that we should put our community before politics in every decision; we are here to help one another and that comes in many different forms.  I hope to leave a legacy that helps people be proud of our city and brag about our brand.  More importantly, I want to be sure our Constitution remains an integral part of our discussions.”

Councilmember Roe

“I first began to pursue a seat on the Chandler City Council in 2010 because of my concern for finance when it comes to government. Barely into the recession, I wanted to make ensure that Chandler stayed fiscally stable through a difficult time. Through fiscally conservative policies and spending, Chandler was able to maintain its rock-solid foundation and its AAA bond rating!”

Councilmember Orlando

“This is my fifth term as a Chandler City Councilmember. I truly enjoy working with residents to resolve neighborhood issues. Chandler's outstanding quality of life is the reason people and businesses move here from all over the world and I will continue to focus my efforts on building a community that is welcoming, safe and vibrant.”

Councilmember Lopez

“As I continue fighting for all taxpayers and businesses in Chandler to ensure our hard-earned money is spent wisely, the City of Chandler is a shining example of a safe, pro-business thriving community.  Our Council and Mayor strive every day to bring forward the successes of our past for our future generations to maintain Chandler as a hub of innovation and a community to raise our families.”

Councilmember Ellis

“Chandler has always been a place where I flourish. As a member of our community, I aspire to serve at a level where I can have the most impact on our residents’ quality of life. I ran for the City Council because I wanted to be a voice to those in need and also those seeking a place to serve and invest their talents.”

Councilmember Harris

“I was called to run for Council to become a voice for underrepresented, marginalized and minority communities in Chandler. It is so important to me and for the people of Chandler to be able to look at the Council and see diversity. I hope that my being here inspires people to be hopeful that they, too, can be leaders in our local government. I hope somehow it inspires people that, together as Chandler residents, we can look past our differences and make a truly lasting impact on our community.”